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How out-of-the-box thinking helps in our life

I have come across several instances that clearly prove that thinking differently helps our life to a great extent. That is the reason experts advise that all of us should look at things with a new perspective and try to do them differently. I wish to give a few instances in which my out-of-the-box thinking helped me in my life.

I was working for a company that used to buy iron ore and export the ore to various countries. Mine owners were sending ore from their mines to our stock-yard by lorries. We had a weigh-bridge in which the gross weight of the lorries would be weighed first. Then, the lorries would dump the ore at the yard and come back to the weighbridge where the empty lorries would be weighed. The difference between the two weights would give the weights of the ore dumped in the yard. 
For making payments to the suppliers, the company opened Letters of Credits in the bank. Suppliers would come to us and take what are called Weight Certificates. We used to write the weight ce…