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Free Yourself from the Shackles of Your Conditioned Thinking Using the Concept of Synaesthesia

Researchers have discovered an interesting phenomenon of the human body and they have christened it as "synaesthesia." Every one of us possessed this gift when we were children but we lost it as we grew up. But there are many creative people like artists who come out with their masterpieces when they are under this state. 

Experts define this state as a process in which one of the human senses interprets an experience as if it is an experience of another sense. To quote an example, when you look at the sky and if you feel as if you are tasting your favorite fruit or you are hearing your favorite song, you can assume that you are in a state of synaesthesia. Richard Cytowic has written a book entitled "Wednesday is Indigo Blue" on the subject of synaesthesia.

Experiencing the state of synaesthesia may not be very common. But the fact remains that we receive lots of information from our surroundings and environment and we interpret them in our own way. This is called pe…