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What Businesses Should Do For Sustaining In The Competitive Environment That Prevails Now?

The news story that Kuldeep Singh, manager for the past six years at McDonald's restaurant located at 152 Street Highway 10 at Surrey, Canada, has been conferred with the award "Outstanding Manager of the Year for 2015" may offer a lot of tips to managers and entrepreneurs as to how they should conduct their business in the present-day world.
This recognition is the result of Singh's contribution towards building sales and more importantly, for his focus towards guest satisfaction. Other factors that prompted McDonald Canada to confer this award on him are his approach towards staff training, staff development and his coordinating abilities that could create a synergy between the marketing programs conducted locally and his restaurant operations.
In short, this award is mainly because Singh has been bestowing special focus upon guest satisfaction and has been putting a lot of faith in his team. Singh proudly says that his team in the Surrey restaurant helped him win…

If You Want To Succeed In Life, Develop These Attributes

According to experts who have studied successful people, a number of factors contribute to their success. The main factors these experts list out are the attitude of these folks, their people skills, their ability and readiness to lead from the front, their eagerness to listen, and above all, their willingness to take responsibility for their actions and decisions.
But recent studies have revealed that there is a very important attribute that is commonly found in almost all the successful people. The attribute is that successful people manage their emotions very well and they do not wilt under pressure, They remain calm in any situation, says Travis Bradberry in one of his posts on LinkedIn. Travis Bradberry is the president of TalentSmart and he has coauthored a book entitled "Emotional Intelligence 2.0."
Bradberry has followed up with another post recently and in this new post, he explains that how you manage your emotions involves what you refrain from doing as well as w…

Fitness Levels and Brain Power

Researchers have conducted various studies and have clearly established the definite link between cardio-respiratory fitness and brain activation and executive functions. According to them, it is the executive function that helps in problem solving and reasoning. 

Findings of this explicit research that was led by Chelsea Wong of the University of Illinois reveal how cardio-respiratory fitness impacts the behavioral performance and functioning of the brain in aged people. The team led by Chelsea Wong conducted this research on 128 adults aged between 59 and 80. They examined the data they got from brain imaging and by studying the fitness levels of these people.
They found that when these individuals performed two tasks at a time, it led to increased activation of certain parts of their brain than when they did a single task.

Especially, anteior cingulate cortex, a region in the brain and the motor area supplementary to it get activated when cardio-respiratory fitness if people improve…