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The Secret of Success, Demystified

When asked as to what has helped them achieve success,  successful people may come out with various answers. But when asked this question, Dan Kennedy replied, “I get asked this question a lot… and my answer disappoints most people…
“I do not like answering the question because any answer is a lie by omission. But, if I must, the answer is NOT the collection of more and more information (although that’s useful and a behavior held in common by exceptionally successful entrepreneurs) — it is implementation."
He hastens to clarify, “But even this is complex. Action andimplementation are not synonymous, anymore than activity and accomplishment are… everyone is active. To implement means: to put a decision, plan, strategy, etc. into effect. That means there is action tied to strategic purpose, and there is something DONE… Put into effect.
“Implementation is the conversion of inspiration, idea, and already known + gathered information into accomplishment.” In short, Dan Kennedy has hit th…