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Can You Use Goebbels Law For Your Personal Development?

It is true that almost everyone views Goebbels Law negatively. In this context, you may wonder how you can use this law for personal development.

According to this law, if a person speaks an untrue thing several times, others will tend to believe it as truth. That is the reason this law is helpful to those who have nefarious intentions and those who commit mistakes because they can save themselves from harmful and dangerous situations by repeating an untrue thing several times.

How can you use this law for your self improvement?

For example, if you are poor and if you want to become rich, you can keep repeating to yourself that you are already rich. This is known as self-suggestion or auto suggestion. Though you are currently poor, you are repeating an untrue thing that you are rich. Perhaps, this may be the concept that forms the central theme of the self-help movie, "The Secret" and also the thought-book entitled "The Science of Getting Rich" written by Wallace Watt…