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Become A Millionaire In Your 30s Even In A Treacherous Economy

When you hear that a few young people in their 20's or 30's have become millionaires, you may wonder how they could achieve this. Especially, when the economy is treacherous to people, amassing wealth like this can happen only in movies. There are experts who may agree with you because they also opine that things like sustaining in business or retaining jobs have themselves become difficult and so, amassing wealth, that too when you are young, is a tall order. 

But there are more number of experts who affirm that becoming a millionaire in 30's is certainly possible, regardless of the shape of the economy. The most essential ingredients for achieving this aim are smart decisions with regard to finances, disciplined implementation of these decisions, frugal living and impeccable work ethic.

The simple mantra for amassing wealth, according to Fred Schebesta, co-founder and director of, the personal finance website of Australia, is "You work hard, live frugall…