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Idea Sex Will Help You Become Wealthy

You may wonder what Idea sex is but at the outset, you must please understand that it helps in money making. In fact, idea sex helps you come out with great ideas. This concept has been explained by the ex-wife of a billionaire. The billionaire is Elon Musk, the co-founder of PayPal and is also the founder of Tesla. Elon is also making efforts to build rockets for flying humans into the outer space. Justine, his ex-wife had been witness to how he made millions and ultimately became a billionaire.

According to her, people who have succeeded have the ability to come out with the right questions at the right time. One of the common questions people ask is whether they can become wealthy if they work hard and have determination. She says that this question is not right though she does not intend to denigrate the values of determination or hard work. But she advises that only those who add value to the lives of other people can become wealthy fast.

She asks if your determination will sustain…