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Qinghaosu, The Wonder Medicine For Malaria

Professor Youyou Tu, a Chinese scientist and her team "transformed an ancient Chinese healing method into the most powerful antimalarial medicine currently available", according to the US-based Lasker Foundation. It was in 1967 that this team began its research work on instructions from the then Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai of China. The name given to this research work was "Project 523". The team scoured and studied the ancient Chinese Literature and texts and chose more than 2,000 Chinese herbal preparations. Among them, about 640 herbal preparations gave them hopes. They prepared 380 extracts using more than 200 herbs and tested them on mice. But, the results of these tests were not encouraging at all.

The unrelenting scientists continued their research and their perseverance led to the identification of an extract from a plant called Qinghao. This plant is also known as Artemisia annua or sweet wormwood. This extract showed inhibition against para…

There Is a Good Earning Potential in Forex Trading

It is true that there is a good earning potential in forex trading. That is the reason more and more people are jumping into this bandwagon. The quantum of money that is traded in this market on a daily basis runs to trillions of dollars. But, if you want to earn well in this highly volatile market, you should choose a genuine online Forex trading program. After all, you will be investing your hard-earned money and so, you should make sure that you are investing with a genuine company. If you spend sufficient time and do your research properly, you can definitely choose a good online Forex trading program. The following few tips may be useful:

- You should bear in mind that a genuine site may not require you to download a software for trading in forex market. You may come across several sites that may require you to do so and therefore, you should be careful about this point. Likewise, if a site requires you to put your electronic signature, you should not choose such a site also. You…

Arctic Ozone Hole Of March 2011

In 2011, a huge hole occurred in the ozone layer above the Arctic. This is the largest ever recorded in the Northern hemisphere. Scientists believe that this may occur again and they also fear that the next one may be still larger. It is a known fact that ozone layer in the stratosphere protects us from many problems. Especially, it protects us from the Sun's ultraviolet radiation that causes skin cancers and also cataracts.

But, unfortunately, an ozone hole has been occurring above the Antarctic every summer since the 1980s. Scientists are very much concerned about this phenomenon because during certain years, the holes used to be so large that they covered the entire continent and invaded South America also. Scientists also feel that these ozone holes may have been one of the main causes for the surge in skin cancers in certain parts of South America. If these events become extremely big, they can eat away up to 70 per cent of the ozone layer and it may take many months for reco…

Tips For Developing Concentration And Focus

Some of us feel that we always get distracted. This is a genuine feeling. We may be doing something important but suddenly, we may be distracted by a mail, a Facebook comment, etc. Distraction means "something that keeps you away from what you should be doing". You can never complete the task on hand on time if you get distracted like this. Therefore, it is imperative that you should learn how to concentrate better. Concentration is so powerful that you can completely transform your personality. You will get enormous power if you learn the right techniques to concentrate. The following few tips may be of help:

- This simple fact may surprise you but it is very much true. Physical exercises can help you to organize your mind and improve your concentration. It has been proved that when you are physically active, you become mentally conscious. So, by doing yoga or other exercises, you can improve your ability to be consciously more alert.

- The problem is that every one of us a…

Steps For Learning Effectively

It was Henry L. Doherty who said, "Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study. Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life." So, there is no age for learning. In fact, learning should continue till our last breath. At the same time, we should become more effective learners. We should remember what we learn and should be able to recall it whenever required for utilizing it effectively. There are a few steps we can take to improve the quality of our learning.

- There are a few effective ways to improve our memory. The best way is to improve our focus. It has been proved that if you structure your study time and stop cramming things, you can improve your focus which will ultimately improve your memory.

- If you learn and practice new skills, you can improve the quality of your learning. This means that you should never stop learning new things or new skills. A study also revealed that the gray matter in …

Getting Back To Your Old Job May Be A Bold And Wise Decision

If you have quit your job for taking up a new position in another company and found that the new position does not satisfy you, it is definitely a very tricky situation. You may even think of returning to your old job. But, at the same time, you may not be sure if your decision to try to get back to your old job is a wise move or not. That is the reason you should bear in mind a few points during a change of job.

- The foremost point you should never ignore is that wherever you work, you should maintain an excellent rapport with every one. This means that even when you leave the job for taking up a new position in another company also, you should do so on the best terms. However diligently you have made inquiries about the new company or whatever may be your research about the new position, you can not be fully aware of the job environment and also about the people with whom you will be working. So, it may turn out to be completely different from what you expected.

- Since you have le…

Know The History Of Our Robed Brethren Called Attorneys

As long as there are demands and struggles for resources, there will be disputes among people. So, there will be a need for attorneys. If these folks are not there, the affected people will be left in lurch and they will continue to fight among themselves and struggle. This will lead to more animosity. A society where there is more hatred will be chaotic. To avoid such a situation, there is a need for a legal system in which attorneys, who are otherwise called as our "robed brethren" play a major role. They hep in bringing discipline and order in the society and also in controlling crimes that may be committed due to animosity, hatred, jealousy and disputes.

Basically, these people who are also called attorneys at law, lawyers or counselors at law, are allowed to practice law and perform criminal and civil legal functions of the people who repose faith in them, in a specific jurisdiction. Additionally, they carry out many other functions that come under the legal purview suc…

Even Non-Racing Fans Love "Senna", The Documentary Film

Those who have been avid followers of Formula 1 are sure to know Ayrton Senna, considered one of the most charismatic drivers of this great sport. It was on 1 May 1994 that Senna died at the San Marino Grand Prix race that was held at Imola, Italy. Now, after 16 years, a documentary film has been made about his life. Experts as well as commoners hail this documentary as one of the greatest racing films ever produced. A few people opine that this documentary film is able to reach a wider audience than expected because it resembles the ancient Greek dramas.

The film has been entitled as "Senna" and its Director, Asif Kapadia, has cleverly used whatever archive footage that is available about this charismatic F1 driver. Of course, a few voice overs of journalists and Senna's family members have been used also. The Director has succeeded in making it into a visually poignant film for which he has used Senna's original footage from a few television interviews and racing i…

Uncertainty and A Great Crash In The Global Economic Situation - Can We Avert Them?

There are many economists who have no hesitation in cautioning that a crash of mammoth proportions in the world economic situation is staring us on our faces. According to these experts, no one can stop the United States, the European Union and China from speeding towards the intersection where the crash is expected to occur. The caution of these economists raises serious doubts about the future of the entire mankind.

It is true that almost all of us do not like to discuss certain realities perhaps because we are afraid of even visualizing the impact of these realities. While this is the attitude of people like us, leaders of the nations are more worried about their re-elections than on repairing the ugly situations on the ground. They are ready to sacrifice even the health of the economy and the future of the next generations for the sake of getting re-elected. They are happy to find ad hoc and temporary solutions.

The American leadership does not seem to understand that if unemploym…

From Hiroshima to Fukushima, An Ugly Journey

The tsunami of 2011 has caused the worst nuclear disaster in Japan's Fukushima and this can be the saddest tragedy the country suffered after 1945 when a single bomb struck Nagasaki. According to experts, the radiation readings at the Fukushima site have reached alarming levels. This disaster has triggered a serious debate about the safety of nuclear energy. This being the case, there is no wonder people shiver at the very thought of the devastation that can be caused by nuclear weapons.

In this context, survivors of the 1945 bombing are very actively campaigning against nuclear power. But, at the same time, there are allegations of a collusion between industries and governments. It is also alleged that governments are trying to cover up many things and are also engaged in a pattern of denial. These allegations are targeted against not only the government of Japan but other governments also.

Responding to the disaster at Fukushima, Sumiteru Taniguchi, aged 82, who is a hibakusha a…

Mindfulness Practice - The Mantra For Success

Sages of the ancient world and even contemporary management gurus repeatedly affirm that mental clarity and focus must be fervently practiced for achieving personal growth. If you practice them, you will be able to develop your concentration. The foremost point you should understand is that all successful people have not been blessed with a natural genius or special talents. Only because they have been making sustained efforts and trying persistently, they are able to achieve what they have been aspiring for. They not only make such sustained efforts but make it a point to develop their concentration. In other words, mindfulness is the main thing that can bring success to your life. Whatever be your profession or occupation, living for the moment and concentrating on the present are the secrets of your success. You should never think of the past because it is dead and gone and however hard you try, you can not put the clock back. Similarly, thinking about your future is also futile b…

Tips To Establish Credit For The First Time

Having a credit history is very important and it is all the more important in the current economic scenario. Its necessity is all-pervasive. It helps in getting a loan or for getting a good job. You will not be considered for promotion in your present employment if you do not have a good credit. Even getting a house on rentals will be a problem. So, for having a good credit history initially, there are a few steps and you should follow them scrupulously. - One of the best steps for getting a credit history for the first time is to open a checking account in a bank. Banks do not lay down on many difficult conditions for opening such an account. If you ensure to maintain an impeccable and flawless account, your efforts to establish a good credit will definitely have a great start. If you go for a loan, even lenders will consider a well-maintained bank account as a positive point because you are proving to them that you are capable of managing your money well. - You may be surprised to…

7 Steps To Protect Yourself During Extremely Hot Weather Conditions

The human body is capable of adjusting to the prevailing weather conditions. This is done by retaining or releasing the heat according to the external temperature. Skin, which is the largest organ of the human body, does this job efficiently. When the external temperature is cold, the skin keeps the blood away from it and this prevents loss of heat. On the other hand, when the weather is hot, the skin allows the blood closer to it and due to this, heat is let out. Perspiration is another factor that can help your body to adjust to the external climate. When the atmosphere is hot, there will be perspiration and when sweat evaporates, heat of your body will get reduced. But, if the external climate is extremely hot, your blood will not be as warm as the atmospheric air and so, heat can not escape from your body. If humidity is also there, your sweat will not evaporate as fast as it should. So, heat will continue to remain in the body and this is an illness. This is known as the heat st…

Steps To Get Good Gas Mileage

People are feeling helpless in the current economic scenario. Severe recession and unemployment are adding to their woes. As is pointed out by an expert, "the world economy is more globally linked and so is the spread of ill-effects." So, there is no wonder that the disturbing political situation prevailing in the Middle East is negatively impacting the oil prices throughout the world. Under these circumstances, if you can get a good gas mileage, you will definitely love it. But, for getting it, you need to maintain your vehicle well and do smart driving. You can follow these tips for achieving it. - You should remember that deciding not to buy a new vehicle can be the wisest decision in the present situation. It is better to have your existing car by extending its life instead of dumping it and going for a new vehicle. - Though you may love to use your accelerator and drive aggressively, you should not forget the fact that such an aggressive driving makes your engine, bra…

To Become Wealthy Is A Journey - Enjoy It

To become wealthy is the dream of almost every one. But, some people are able to achieve this aim but many fail, however hard they try. If you are one among the multitude who wish to become wealthy, you should understand that it is possible but only if you change your mindset and adopt a few steps. - The first step for becoming wealthy is to change your mindset. You should understand that money has its own traits and it works in a certain manner. Money resembles animate things which means that whenever you are awake, your money also keeps awake. As you can use your energy and potential and work, money can also work. But, you should make it work. For making it work, you should have it, for which you should save every possible dollar. When you save like this, you can make it work hard as if you are making your employees work hard for you. As employees work hard and make the employer rich, your money can also work hard to get you more money. You can reach a stage when you will not do an…

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Sleep Well And Lead A Healthy Life

Who does not love to sleep? Having a good sleep, especially during nights, is bliss. In earlier times, people were not giving importance to sleep. Now, thanks to several researches conducted, many people have realized how important it is to have 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Let us look at the benefits we can derive from a good night's sleep.

- It has been found that lack of sleep affects the health of the heart. The health conditions of those who are already affected by blood pressure-related ailments and cholesterol, are found to be negatively impacted due to lack of sleep. But, the health of the heart will be maintained in a good condition if the person ensures to have a sleep of 7 to 9 hours.

- A good night's sleep can even prevent cancer. Especially, nowadays, incidence of breast cancer among ladies is on the rise. It can be prevented if ladies make sure to sleep sufficiently during nights. Similarly, by having a good sleep during nights, colon cancer can also be prevente…

A Few Tips For Disciplining Your Kids

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How to become debt free

If you want to become debt-free, understand first that it can not be achieved overnight. There is no magical formula for that. But, at the same time, it is an achievable aim. You must be ready to make a few adjustments to how you live. Of course, you need the cooperation of your family members and therefore, you should have a frank discussion with them before embarking upon ways to come out of your debts. The following few tips may help:

- As a first step, assess the quantum of your debts. Do not deceive yourself by pretending that your debts are manageable and therefore, you need not give a serious thought about them. Remember that debts have the unique capacity to multiply unless you take concrete action to liquidate them. List out all your debts. Likewise, calculate the income you earn regularly from all your revenue sources.

- Make a firm decision that you will not take new debts. This includes making purchases with credit cards also. Credit card debts accumulate faster than other…

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Ideas For Dealing With Negative Colleagues

You may be highly positive-minded but you can not expect that every one in your workplace will also be like that. You may have a few highly repulsive negative-minded people in your office. These people can unsettle you, negatively impacting your mind also. You will feel as if you have been robbed of your power to face challenges. This will ultimately affect your performance and productivity. But, unfortunately, you may have to live with them and work with them.

You can easily identity such people. They always complain about their work and also about the company. According to them, they never get appreciation even though they work better than all the others. They will never stop grumbling about the way they are treated. They will say that while others are treated nicely, they are getting a raw deal from the management. You should know how to deal with these people. Otherwise, you can not bear their tirade against the whole set-up. You should eliminate the fear of talking or interacting…

This Is The Prescription For Success

There are millions of people who aspire to become successful in life. You may also be one among them. But, not all of them succeed. Unfortunately, most of them do not understand the fact that mere wishing to succeed in life will not help them to achieve their aim. Then, what is it that brings success to people? It is the "action habit" that will help people like you to succeed.

If you keep thinking about becoming successful and do not take any action, your aspiration will continue to remain as a wishful thinking. You should decide to swing into action. Unfortunately, there are people who wait for a perfect plan to begin their work. Nothing can be more foolish than this. The truth is that there can not be a "perfect" plan. You should start acting and as you move along your chosen path, you can take corrective steps, wherever necessary.

Mind is a strange phenomenon because when you decide to take action, its power also expands. It immediately gets into contact with t…

Benefits Of Reading And How You Can Pursue Your Reading Habit With A Portable Electronic Book Reader

Earlier, the only pastime available for people apart from their sports activities was book-reading. Now, you have many other things like watching television, playing online games, etc. to spend time. Probably because of these things, book-reading habit is dwindling fast. People come out with various reasons for not pursuing this habit. But, the fact is that nothing can equal book-reading in terms of benefits. If you develop this habit, you can uplift yourself to live a meaningful, fruitful and purposeful life.

- Reading can relax your mind and can remove your stress and tension. All of us have various types of tension and sometimes, we face unbearable and inexplicable agony due to such tense situations. If we develop the habit of reading, we can read some self-help books and can regain our confidence. This will relieve our tension to a very great extent. We get back our enthusiasm and when the mind is clear from anxiety, we can think in the right perspective. So, we will be able to co…

Use Your Creativity And Start Your Home Based Photography Business

Photography can be taken up as a home-based business. It is not enough if you have a camera with you to start this business. You should have the right attitude and the willingness to develop the right skills. In olden days, photographers had to have a dark room. But, after the advent of digital cameras, there is no need of a dark room for pursuing this profession. Thanks to the technological advancements, you have several high-quality SLR or Single-lens reflex digital cameras. Along with a good camera, you should have a personal computer with a photo-editing program like the Adobe Photoshop for starting this business. You need not even have a separate office. You can make a few changes and have one of the rooms of your house as your office.

Photography is popular with all types of people. Everyone will like to capture the special moments of their lives so that they can look at the photographs whenever they wish.

By taking up photography as your profession, you can be your own boss. If…

Success In Business, Silently, Quietly, Powerfully

Many business owners very much want to know how they can achieve success. The problem is there is no "one-size-fit-all" formula that can be applied for all the types of business. You should learn the general principles and apply them suitably to your type of business.

As a business person, the first thing you should do is to come out of your routine-day mentality and have a long-term vision. If you are caught in the routine-day mentality, you will be caught unawares when an obstacle comes up suddenly. The main point that is being stressed here is that you should know how you generally react to every situation and this is the basis for further growth and for achieving personal success. The following few points may be borne in mind for becoming a successful business owner.

- You should not be like many business owners who allow things to happen and then react to them. This is not the right way to reach your goal. You must be proactive and this is the smartest way to avoid obst…

Sensible Steps To Start A Business And The Science Of Success In It

Nowadays, the concept of doing a business has changed. Previously, businesses were done only with a profit motive but now, customers decide the fate of a business. The main basis of business in the present-day context is that a business is established for meeting customer needs. So, you will be wondering how you can get success in your business. There are a few points you should remember when you start your business.

- The main thing is that though you are ready to spend all your time and energy in your business, you can not aim to succeed in it if you do not like what you are doing. You should enjoy it, whatever be the field of activity you have chosen.

- It is better to start it small. You need not invest all your money and have a big establishment. You should take only baby steps. A few experts advise that you should start your business when you are still in employment. So, you will have some financial backing to run your family. The anxiety of running your family and paying your b…