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Basic Steps for Becoming An Adult Prodigy

People justifiably heap praises on child prodigies but the fact is adult prodigies are certainly more impressive. This is because they are well past what are known as the “learning windows.” Despite this fact, these adult prodigies acquire high-performing and amazing skill sets.
Take the case of Dr. Mary Hobson. Mary studied Russian when she was 56 and she went on to bag an award for being the best Russian translator of her times. Another example is that of Gary Marcus who was a neuroscientist and who learned to play guitar when he was 38. He self-learned to become a rocker. Michael Reddick a.k.a. Dan McLaughlin took to golf when he was in his thirties and is now playing to a 3.3 handicap. 
These examples show that adults can find their hidden talents and become super-performers in their chosen skills. New researches are throwing light on the reasons for the success of these adult prodigies. According to one of the findings, these adults are able to surmount the two main barriers for…