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Copywriting - Less Focus on What Is on Offer and More Focus on Customers

Kevin Kelly says "productivity is for robots." Humans are not robots. If we cannot expect productivity from humans, then what should we expect from them? Experts opine that it is "ideas" that differentiate humans from robots. Especially, copywriters must come out with great and insightful ideas for promoting the businesses of their client-companies. 

If you are a copywriter and if you think that your task of promoting the business of your clients begins only at the stage of content creation, you may be terribly wrong. In fact, your task begins much before you start creating the contents. Let us have a look.

You must have a threadbare discussion with your clients to know their needs. But knowing their needs is not enough at all. In fact, many companies may not be aware that their focus should be on what their customers want and not on what they have for offering to their customers. This means you, as a copywriter, should find out the problems customers face and check …

Midlife Transition? No Worries

Opportunities come in disguise. Therefore, those who want to experience the lure as well as the peril of a midlife transition should equip themselves suitably to recognize the opportunities that come their way. But how they can equip themselves may be a digression. The point the post deals with is how they should go about the transition process. 

If you have decided to opt for a big change during the middle of your life or if a change has been forced on you, there are chances of you feeling insecure during the transition phase. Remember, insecure feeling is real pain. If you have it, you cannot perform to your optimum capabilities.

Of course, you may face other issues also during the transition phase. Main among them may be fear because you are not certain of your future as well as your success. You may also worry whether everything will work out as planned. Despite all these issues, you must move on to overcome the issues you may face during the transition phase.

How to go about it?
1. F…

Democratization of Ideas and Startups

The advent of the Internet has tremendously impacted the commercial world. But whether the Internet is a boon or bane depends upon how it is used. Even experts are unable to gauge accurately the depth of the impact. However, the fact remains that this invention has shrunk the world, not literally but figuratively. It appears that the ripples of the invention and its aftermath will continue to affect the lives of people and more specifically, the commercial sector in the future also.   

Even a cursory study of the commercial world will reveal that the eco-system of a start-up is much different from that of a well-established company. Thanks to the wider bandwidth of information that is available now, a number of people are bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and you may not be an exception. So, you may also decide to begin your long entrepreneurial journey by taking the first step, regardless of whatever it may be. 

Though you can get a wealth of information from various sources and especi…

The Internet Era and How It Has Changed the Face of Marketing

Off-line market is quite big. But the online market is getting bigger and bigger. More and more products and services are being sold online. Of course, there are a number of companies that sell both off-line and online. But regardless of whether companies offer products or services online or off-line, they have to adopt the right ways to identify potential customers so they can make sales. 

The advent of the Internet has brought about phenomenal changes in the marketing concept. Nowadays, companies are forced to adopt an approach that is marketing-driven. Online marketing helps companies contact their customers directly and not necessarily through their sales force. 

The methods that were being adopted earlier did not allow companies to contact the market directly and so, they had to expend heavily for being in touch with their existing as well as potential customers. Most of the traditional sales happened through marketing executives which means companies had to pay salaries and other …

How a Great Copy Can Lift a Company from Abyss

It is often said that even businesses that stare at a grim future and that are at the bottom of a deep ravine can also be revived by a great copy. This means a competent copywriter can be an enabler who can help the businesses come out of the abyss. 

When you want to know what 'effective copywriting' is, you may come across many interpretations. In fact, freelance writers also say that they want to make a switch to copywriting because according to them, if they are able to write capably, they can write copies as well. But not everyone can write a great copy. There is empirical evidence to prove that only a few people have natural abilities to craft great copies but others have to work on themselves which means they should learn the skills and keep practicing what they learn.

There are a number of courses that offer training as well as materials that can teach how to write a great sales letter. But copywriting is much beyond writing sales letters. A well-written sales letter need…

Why Using the Right Category of Emotion Is Important to Attract Customers through a Copy

Copywriting is a great tool that can help in the marketing of a business. In fact, a well-written copy can do wonders for a business. Such a copy can inspire prospective customers to buy your products or services so you can make money. But how can you inspire these prospective customers to make their buying decision?

While trying to know the answer to this question, you may recall reading that people make their buying decisions based on their emotions. But when you think of emotions, you view them as feelings and not as motivation. The fact is you are not provoking feelings of your customers to make them buy but you are motivating them to take the required action.

Have you ever felt the so-called 'feelings' when you try to pull out your wallet for buying a thing? The answer may be an emphatic "no." You may think that you have acted based on your logic. But that is also not true. You are simply trying to justify your purchase by invoking logic. In fact, you could have…

Have Answers for These Questions for Getting a Compelling Copy from Your Copywriter

Businesses that want to succeed in their ventures should target the right audience and touch what is known as "emotional chord" in their prospective customers for inspiring them to hit the 'buy' button. If you own a business and if you aim to expand your customer base, you should have answers to a few questions because the company that provides you with copywriting services or the copywriter who has agreed to take up freelance writing for you may need these details.
If you answer these questions comprehensively, you can assume that you have won half of the battle. Though the company that offers professional copywriting services may not require answers for all the questions, the more answers you provide them with, the better are the chances of you getting compelling copies from them. You can be certain that such compelling contents will showcase the product or service you offer in the right manner so the prospects who have the purchase intent will be targeted appropria…

Inspire Customers to Buy from You. Don't Repel Them.

You may have a very high-quality product. But if those who visit your store go back without buying your product, what does it mean? These people may have the money and also the need for the product you are offering. But instead of buying from you, they walk into another store and buy the product there. 
Remember the words of Maya Angelou who once said in an interview, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This is very much true in situations businesses face while trying to sell their products or services. 
When you entrust the task of crafting a sales letter to a competent copywriter, he will delve deep to find out how he should make your prospective customers feel. He will ensure that those customers are made to feel valued and important. 
Customers who read the sales letter the copywriter has crafted for you should feel at ease and the letter should instill confidence in them that …

Online Marketing and the Role of a Copywriter

It is an undeniable fact that the Internet has brought about a paradigm shift in the methods businesses use for promoting their products or services. In fact, the changes that have been taking place now are beyond any body's imagination. There are absolutely no frontiers in sharing knowledge and information. Perhaps, because of these changes, businesses have realized that there are severe inadequacies in conventional marketing. That is the reason businesses have chosen to give up their archaic ideas and are making a switch to onlinemarketing.
Businesses justifiably think that they should have a website for setting their online marketing rolling. But many businesses assume that just by having a website, they will start getting customers. Contrary to their assumption, they have to do a lot more in addition to hosting an elegant and good-looking website. 

They have to promote their site appropriately so its ranking on the search engines goes up. Customers have also become shrewder and …

Why Should Companies Seek the Services of a Copywriter for Promoting Their Business?

How many companies can boast that their business results are commensurate with what they desire to achieve? I am sure it is only a small percentage. Why? Because they think that the products or services will automatically sell if they use traditional methods for promoting them. Of course, there are companies that have made a switch to online marketing. But can you conclude that these companies are able to achieve the results they desire to have? It is a big 'NO'. 

Many companies think that just by having a website, they will start getting traffic. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as they think. If you own a website for your business, you cannot assume that the website will automatically get a top ranking on the search engine results pages. Search engines such Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. have their own algorithms for determining the rankings of websites. It is not easy to influence them. You need to fulfill the parameters they have set in their algorithms for getting the rankin…

Do you have back pain? Use these tips

Chronic low back pain is one of the commonest problems many people suffer from. If you also suffer from this pain, it may negatively impact your family life, productivity at the workplace and your recreational activities. You should first understand that the medical field is yet to come out with the right cure for this problem. You can use the following tips so the problem does not worsen and interfere with your routine life. 

Stop slouching
Though there may be several reasons that may cause low back pain, your wrong sitting posture can be the foremost among them. If you slouch while sitting, you are putting more pressure on your joints, discs and the muscles. This causes acute pain and therefore, you should learn how to sit in the right posture. This will help in decreasing or eliminating the pain. 

Never avoid exercises

People have a notion that if they suffer from low back pain, they should not do their exercises. This is very much wrong. If you choose the right exercises and do them …

What Hinders Your Personal Transformation?

According to personal development gurus, among the factors that inhibit personal transformation, there are two that can inflict severe damage to our efforts. They are judgment and negativity. 

If you have negative thoughts, you are likely to focus more on your physical pleasures. Therefore, your behavior may also be such that it will destroy or damage your body. In short, the negative thoughts you nurture will inhibit your personal transformation. Experts compare these negative thoughts to the bad cholesterol that accumulates and clogs the human artery. In other words, negative thoughts will hinder your journey towards attainment of high and bountiful happiness.
If you are in the habit of judging others, it will also hinder your personal development. In the words of experts, "when you judge another person, you do not define him or her, you define yourself." This means you are revealing more about yourself than about the person whom you are judging. In fac…

Basic Steps for Becoming An Adult Prodigy

People justifiably heap praises on child prodigies but the fact is adult prodigies are certainly more impressive. This is because they are well past what are known as the “learning windows.” Despite this fact, these adult prodigies acquire high-performing and amazing skill sets.
Take the case of Dr. Mary Hobson. Mary studied Russian when she was 56 and she went on to bag an award for being the best Russian translator of her times. Another example is that of Gary Marcus who was a neuroscientist and who learned to play guitar when he was 38. He self-learned to become a rocker. Michael Reddick a.k.a. Dan McLaughlin took to golf when he was in his thirties and is now playing to a 3.3 handicap. 
These examples show that adults can find their hidden talents and become super-performers in their chosen skills. New researches are throwing light on the reasons for the success of these adult prodigies. According to one of the findings, these adults are able to surmount the two main barriers for…