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Transitioning Into Writing Newspaper Articles

While attempting to write newspaper articles, you will find that you have much more material to write than you can imagine. In fact, you can write endlessly but to do this, you should be receptive to ideas, news and events. But, there are many misconceptions about writing newspaper articles.

The foremost point you should understand is that writing for newspapers can not be equated with other writings.You may be writing articles on the Net, may be writing fiction books or may be doing many other types of writing. But, the methods you use for all these writings may not help you in writing newspaper articles.

As the name suggests, a newspaper article talks about news and events and so, timing is very important in them. A newspaper article should talk about the people who are involved in the news or event and also about the place where the event or news took place. It should also clearly tell the readers the reasons for the happenings and how they happened. Occasionally, the article may t…

Remove The Misplaced Focus In Our Educational System

It is the general notion of every one that children should be educated suitably and should be made to understand situations. This will help them to behave appropriately. But, in reality, every grown-up person should learn a lot from kids. Every behavior of kids has lessons embedded in them. If you learn from their behavior and in turn, guide them suitably to learn life's lessons, they will blossom into very important people in the society. Psychologists also opine that we should prepare our children for facing the world. They should be made to understand every mood of others and how people can react in various moods.

In fact, children get parallel education at home and also from the society in which they live. Though the importance of academic education can not be questioned, the education that is offered by life itself and other human beings is much greater than the academic education they get. What is learned from life and others can never be forgotten. But, unfortunately, there…