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Tips To Keep Food Cravings At Bay

Food cravings can be harmful to your health. Especially, if you are not able to resist cravings for junk foods, high carb items and fat foods, you may end up getting affected by metabolic disorders. 
Experts have found that high insulin levels in the body may make you crave for high carb items like sweets, ice creams, cakes and pastries. If you succumb to such temptations, you may want more of these items and your insulin levels may go up still further. It becomes a vicious cycle and therefore, you must break this habit. The following tips may be useful. 
- The first and foremost step you should never ignore is that you must never skip your meals. By skipping meals, you'll feel more hungry and so, you may look for such unwanted food items. Your blood sugar levels may come down due to your famishing and that is the reason you may be looking for these items because these items may quickly increase the blood sugar levels. But if you have your meals on time, you may not crave for thes…

Tips To Correct The Bad Behaviors Of Your Pre-Teens

Bad behaviors in preteen kids will be embarrassing to parents. If you are a parent of preteen kids, you may find the following few tips useful. 
Kids may generally not be regularly disrespectful. But if you find that your kids show disrespect to you or other adults on a  routine basis, don't delay taking action. Make them realize that you won't tolerate this. But don't snub your kids in front of the visitors. Once the visitors leave, tell your kids that if they continue with such behaviors, you won't be allowing them to play their favorite games or watch the TV shows they like. 
Further, as a parent, you must be a role model for your children. If you avoid back-talking about others and if you show respect to everyone, your kids will also learn from your behaviors. 
Treat your kids with respect. This is also important. If you bully them, they will also learn the habit and may try to bully other children or even adults. Thank your kids profusely when they help you. You m…