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Are You A Spendthrift? Please Read This

If you are spending more than what you earn, the only point that can bring you solace is that you are not alone. But you will soon realize how your spending habit can wreck havoc on your life. For knowing how profligacy can ruin one's life, please read this.
You must certainly be aware of Mike Tyson, one of the greatest boxers the world has seen after the era of Muhammad Ali, who was popular or rather notorious for his egotistical remarks like "I'm so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark...."
Mike Tyson's peak popularity spanned for nearly 20 years and it is said that he earned more than $400 million during this period. But in 2004 and before he attained the age of 39, he was reportedly in debt to the tune of $38 million. 
Mike Tyson was notorious for his legendary profligacy. He employed about 200 people including chauffeurs, bodyguards, gardeners and chefs. He expended about $4.5 million on mot…

If You Are Not Happy With Your Life, It Is You Who Is Responsible For It

Almost all of us, at some point of time, realize that reality is vastlydifferent from what we have imagined. For instance, when we begin a certain task, we think that things will happen as we expect. But many a time, things may not work as we expect. Due to this, we may experience disappointment, anger and stress.
Similarly, when you were about to finish your graduation, you might have thought that companies would queue up for offering you a job. But it might certainly not have happened. Likewise, when you have a business idea, you may think that there cannot be a better idea than that. But when you try selling that idea, you may find that there are no takers. 
The point is that there is nothing wrong in imagining or dreaming but ensure to add a dose of pragmatism to your imagination so you will not be disappointed when your expectations remain just a pipe dream. 
Aiming high is certainly good but aiming unachievable things can be counterproductive. On the other hand, if your expectation…

Do You Want To Become Rich? Try These Steps

If you want to be rich and if you seek advice from others, you will be told that you you should earn more, must spend less than what you earn and save money. But you may say that this is difficult because the question of increasing your income is ruled out. You will continue in the same vein and add that cutting on your expenses may also be a tall order, thanks to the relentless rise in the prices of all the commodities. It is in this context you are advised to use the following tips. They are certainly worth the effort.
1. Push yourself and try to exceed your normal capabilities
You may like to lead a comfortable life and may not like put in a lot of hard work. But this mentality will not make you rich. Only if you are prepared to push yourself and exceed your normal capabilities and only if you are ready to face uncertainties, you can taste success. Experts advise that you must do at least five uncomfortable things daily. This will help you in building your physical and mental enduran…

Does Worrying Serve Any Purpose?

"Howto Stop Worrying and Start Living" is certainly one of the best motivational books. The points Dale Carnegie has written in it are relevant even today, though he wrote the book five decades back. In the book, Carnegie suggests that we should accept the "inevitable" in order to overcome our worries. In the book, Carnegie obviously used the word "inevitable" in the present tense and did not want the word to denote the future. 
This means the word has been used for describing current situations. For example, if a person has been born blind, he or she has to accept this inevitable fact. At the same time, we cannot be oblivious of the fact that many blind people or those with other types of physical and mental issues have accomplished great feats in their life. 
In short, the only inevitable thing we all should accept is "death." As Frank Sinatra, with his typical candidness, said, “You better enjoy livin’ baby, ’cause dying is a pain in the ass.” …