Physical Fitness, Stress And Immunity Against Illnesses

Stress is an important factor that affects all of us in the present-day world. The main antidote for overcoming our stress is physical fitness. In addition to combating stress, physical fitness gives a sense of well-being that is invaluable. Nowadays, it is also important to develop immunity also because chances of getting affected by diseases are more. Environmental pollution is taking a big toll on human health. Free radicals enter into our system through the air we breathe, water we drink and the foods we eat. These free radicals can wreck a havoc on our health if they are not kept at bay. Since we can not fight a lone battle against environmental pollution, by improving our immunity by being physically fit, we can keep the ill-effects of free radicals under check.

There can not be any short-cuts for physical fitness. We should do regular exercises and also eat wisely. What you eat plays a major role in keeping you fit. Most of us are not aware that while the contribution of diets on our physical well-being is 80%, exercises contribute 20%. But, we can not focus only on what we eat and remain without doing exercises. Exercises are very important though they contribute much less than diets.

When people are told that they should focus on their eating, they immediately have a wrong notion that they should reduce the intake of food. While it is true that we should not over-eat, it is not necessary that we should crash-diet or starve. Aggressive methods like crash-dieting or starving will not bestow any benefits. In fact, they will prove to be detrimental to our health. We may not get the required calories or the energy to carry on with our work. The best method to burn the calories fast and completely is to split our total daily intake into smaller meals and eat them six or seven times a day at an interval of about two or three hours, instead of having three large meals. Large meals will leave a lot of calories unburned and they will add to our fat or weight.

In addition to adopting self-control in our eating methods, we should focus on our exercises also. Exercises should be done depending upon our physical capabilities. It is better to consult a physician and a physical trainer to plan a good and suitable exercises regimen for us. We should follow the regimen scrupulously and do the exercises regularly. At least thirty minutes of exercises should be done daily for keeping us fit and healthy.

By following the above tips, we can maintain physical fitness. We can relieve ourselves of our tension and stress and also have a good immunity against illnesses.


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