Transitioning Into Writing Newspaper Articles

While attempting to write newspaper articles, you will find that you have much more material to write than you can imagine. In fact, you can write endlessly but to do this, you should be receptive to ideas, news and events. But, there are many misconceptions about writing newspaper articles.

The foremost point you should understand is that writing for newspapers can not be equated with other writings.You may be writing articles on the Net, may be writing fiction books or may be doing many other types of writing. But, the methods you use for all these writings may not help you in writing newspaper articles.

As the name suggests, a newspaper article talks about news and events and so, timing is very important in them. A newspaper article should talk about the people who are involved in the news or event and also about the place where the event or news took place. It should also clearly tell the readers the reasons for the happenings and how they happened. Occasionally, the article may talk about the background or history behind the incident. In other words, the details provided should be cogent and organized and so, it should start from the beginning and proceed smoothly to reveal the whole happening. By maintaining such a cogency, it is easy for you to split the article into appropriate paragraphs. These paragraphs should be short with a maximum of three sentences each.

There will be a headline to the article but you should ensure to check if the headline fits the space allowed for it on the newspaper. The language used should be simple and easy to understand. Spelling mistakes should not be there. Most importantly, they should contain factual contents. Even if you are using quotes, you should verify them before using them on your article.

The opening line of a newspaper article should be catchy and should immediately grab the attention of the readers. It is not enough if the article contains good, useful and interesting information in the later paragraphs. Only if you grab the attention of the readers with your first line, you can motivate the readers to go ahead and read the whole article. Secondly, the opening line should be crisp and short also. If you use a long first line, people may lose interest. In general, unless it is very much necessary, you should not use lengthy sentences in your article. Likewise, paragraphs should not also contain more than three sentences.

Quotes should be wisely used. In fact, a newspaper article may certainly contain quotes but unless they are appropriately used, they can not produce the desired effect on the readers. At the same time, you should check the veracity and accuracy of the quotes before using them in your article.

The above points are only general tips. You will be able to learn as you move along and keep submitting as many articles as you can. You may face rejections also but these rejections should strengthen your resolve. If you keep trying and write more and more articles, your writing will get polished and you will be able to see better results.


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