Can You Plan The Gender Of Your Baby?

There is a misconception among many people that they cannot plan the gender of their babies. They are partially true but, there are certain steps that can help couples in planning this. These steps may not help those who are infertile but, others can have the child they wish to have. The best benefit of these steps are that they are inexpensive and easy. Another advantage is that people of any age can follow them and derive their benefits. Let us have a look.

Dietary Changes

The food habits of people play a major role in determining the gender of the babies they are likely to conceive. Foods that contain more of sodium, potassium, etc. may help the aspiring mothers in having a male child. If the aspiring mother wants to have a female child, she should consume foods that contain more amounts of calcium, magnesium, etc. If this dietary regimen is followed for a number of weeks before attempting to conceive, chances of having a child of the preferred gender brighten.


Attempting to conceive at the right time may help in having the child an aspiring mother wants. If the couple begins their attempts one day prior to ovulation and continues till the next day after the ovulation, it may result in formation of a male embryo. This is because male sperms move quite fast and their life is short also. If the couple wants to have a female child, they should start attempting much earlier. They should begin two or three days before ovulation because female sperms have a longer lifespan. 

This leads to the aspect of finding when ovulation begins. In general, ovulation begins around 14 days from the first day of menstruation or 14 days prior to the subsequent menstruation.

Acidity level

The acidity level of the body of an aspiring mother is a very strong determinant of the gender that is likely to be conceived. If the acidity level in the body of an aspiring mother is high, the likelihood of conceiving a female child increases. If the mother lives in an alkaline environment and the alkaline level in her body is more than the acidity level, chances of bearing a male child are quite high. So, experts suggest that aspiring mothers should take the right foods that can impact the acidity or alkaline levels in their body. 


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