Idea Sex Will Help You Become Wealthy

You may wonder what Idea sex is but at the outset, you must please understand that it helps in money making. In fact, idea sex helps you come out with great ideas. This concept has been explained by the ex-wife of a billionaire. The billionaire is Elon Musk, the co-founder of PayPal and is also the founder of Tesla. Elon is also making efforts to build rockets for flying humans into the outer space. Justine, his ex-wife had been witness to how he made millions and ultimately became a billionaire.

According to her, people who have succeeded have the ability to come out with the right questions at the right time. One of the common questions people ask is whether they can become wealthy if they work hard and have determination. She says that this question is not right though she does not intend to denigrate the values of determination or hard work. But she advises that only those who add value to the lives of other people can become wealthy fast.

She asks if your determination will sustain when you face a huge struggle in life. It is true determination or hard work may help you continue your efforts even when others have quit. But when someone else enters the scene and outsmarts you, you may feel that you have lost these qualities. This means it is enough if you have bare minimum of both these qualities. Please remember that even if you work very very hard, your wrong environment or the unfortunate circumstances in your life may lead you towards failure.

So, how to succeed and become wealthy? Stop focusing on becoming wealthy and start being intensely curious on the needs and the wants of the world. Do an honest assessment and find out your potential and the thing you can offer. It must be unique as well as compelling. No gadget must be able to replace the thing you are offering. Likewise, no one should be able to steal what you have to offer. 

Once you find out that particular potential of yours, keep developing it and attain mastery in it. You must then find out the second area in which you have potential. Develop mastery in it also.

You are now master in two areas. For example, you are a competent engineer and you have developed mastery in business administration also. You can blend both in such a manner that they have idea sex. This will help you come out with idea babies that are unique and that have not been thought about by anyone before. Such ideas will get you the competitive advantage since you can traverse both the areas, speak the terminology of both and connect with the tribes of each of the areas. You will then be able to bring out fresh and creative insights that may bring a huge difference to the lives of other people.

Remember you can not become wealthy just because you want to or just because you work hard and think you deserve it. In fact, money does not "see" whether you want it or whether you deserve it.

In short, you can become wealthy when you have something that brings more value to the lives of people. Stop consulting with others because they may give you a number of useless suggestions. You may tend to think they are sound suggestions but remember that your aim is to come out with new insights that can be created from the unexpected perspectives you have acquired. Also remember that you will be doing all these things alone.

To summarize, if you attain mastery in two different areas, create a synergy between both and come out with fresh and unique ideas that can add value to the lives of other people, you will soon become wealthy.


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