What Hinders Your Personal Transformation?

According to personal development gurus, among the factors that inhibit personal transformation, there are two that can inflict severe damage to our efforts. They are judgment and negativity. 


If you have negative thoughts, you are likely to focus more on your physical pleasures. Therefore, your behavior may also be such that it will destroy or damage your body. In short, the negative thoughts you nurture will inhibit your personal transformation. Experts compare these negative thoughts to the bad cholesterol that accumulates and clogs the human artery. In other words, negative thoughts will hinder your journey towards attainment of high and bountiful happiness.


If you are in the habit of judging others, it will also hinder your personal development. In the words of experts, "when you judge another person, you do not define him or her, you define yourself." This means you are revealing more about yourself than about the person whom you are judging. In fact, if you are concerned with some quality of others, it indicates that you possess the same quality but refuse to acknowledge it. 

If you focus on knowing the wrongs of others, you will never be able to stop judging others. Therefore, to curb your tendency to judge others, you should be interested in knowing the thing that tempts you to judge them. This will help you replace your negativity and judging nature very soon.

Put this golden rule to practice. The world may not change but your outlook towards others will change. This means you will become a new human being who is ready to embrace personal transformation.


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