Copywriting - Less Focus on What Is on Offer and More Focus on Customers

Kevin Kelly says "productivity is for robots." Humans are not robots. If we cannot expect productivity from humans, then what should we expect from them? Experts opine that it is "ideas" that differentiate humans from robots. Especially, copywriters must come out with great and insightful ideas for promoting the businesses of their client-companies. 

If you are a copywriter and if you think that your task of promoting the business of your clients begins only at the stage of content creation, you may be terribly wrong. In fact, your task begins much before you start creating the contents. Let us have a look.

You must have a threadbare discussion with your clients to know their needs. But knowing their needs is not enough at all. In fact, many companies may not be aware that their focus should be on what their customers want and not on what they have for offering to their customers. This means you, as a copywriter, should find out the problems customers face and check if the products or services your clients offer will provide solutions to these problems. 

Conversely speaking, you must find out the right audience whose problems will be solved by what your clients are offering. Once you identify the right audience, your confidence will improve. So, chances of creating contents that may persuade them to take the required action of buying the products or services will improve manifold.

Once you are ready with the contents, you should ensure to share them with as many potential customers as possible. Social media marketing is one of the best methods for reaching hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

There may be comments for the contents you have created and shared. You can re-tweet some of the nice comments that the contents receive and should also reply to questions, if any, that may come up.

You can submit your contents to newsletters or weekly roundups as well. These may be little steps but they can bring qualified traffic that may help your clients acquire a good customer base.

Never forget to link your contents with the websites of your client-companies so the rankings of these sites go up on the searchengines so traffic to their websites will continue to rise.


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