Lessons You Should Learn from Your Dog

It is often said that you can learn something from everyone you meet. But most of us do not realize that we can learn from animals including our pets as well. To quote an example, if you have a dog in your home, you can learn a few lessons from the animal also. Let us now discuss some of the lessons you can learn from your dog. 

1. It is impossible to control others.

As the owner of the dog, when you take the animal out, you will find that most of the times, you cannot control him. Of course, he may be under leash but at times, you may have to use all your strength to prevent him from pouncing upon the strangers he does not like or some food item someone has discarded on the sidewalks. To put it precisely, thanks to the animal's canine instincts, your dog may refuse to be the best-behaved one even if you want him to be. The inference is that you cannot control the behavior of others including that of your pet.

Apart from not being able to control those around you, you cannot control the traffic, the weather, and of course, the mood of your boss, your peers, other co-workers, your relatives, and most importantly, your spouse. Never attempt to change these things. It is better you change your attitude and learn to cope with these uncontrollable things and to control how you react. In fact, knowing what you can control and what you cannot and just focusing on the former can bring peace to your life. 

2. Time is 7 times more important.

Almost all the dog owners may be aware that a human year is approximately equal to 7 dog years. So, if you calculate your age as you do for a dog, you are 7 times older than your human age. In other words, in terms of dog-age, you are aging much faster. So, instead of wasting your time on unworthy things, focus on more important aspects of your life and make optimum use of your days. 

3. Love unconditionally.

Your dog may have a great liking for some people. He does not see whether they are good or bad, fair-complexioned or dark-complexioned, “wrong” folks or right folks, and so on. When he likes people, he likes them unconditionally. 

You must also cultivate this habit. You should not handcuff yourself and allow your personal prejudices come in the way of your love for others. You must have an open mind and accept people as they are.

Of course, there may be several other lessons you can learn from your dog. If you apply your mind, you can find them out so you can cultivate them appropriately for becoming a better human being.


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