7 Steps To Protect Yourself During Extremely Hot Weather Conditions

The human body is capable of adjusting to the prevailing weather conditions. This is done by retaining or releasing the heat according to the external temperature. Skin, which is the largest organ of the human body, does this job efficiently. When the external temperature is cold, the skin keeps the blood away from it and this prevents loss of heat. On the other hand, when the weather is hot, the skin allows the blood closer to it and due to this, heat is let out. Perspiration is another factor that can help your body to adjust to the external climate. When the atmosphere is hot, there will be perspiration and when sweat evaporates, heat of your body will get reduced. But, if the external climate is extremely hot, your blood will not be as warm as the atmospheric air and so, heat can not escape from your body. If humidity is also there, your sweat will not evaporate as fast as it should. So, heat will continue to remain in the body and this is an illness. This is known as the heat stroke. That is the reason dehydration takes place when extreme heat and moisture content are present in the atmosphere. You should follow a few steps to protect yourself from this problem. - Unless it is absolutely necessary, you should not venture out during such extreme hot weather conditions. If you can not avoid it, you should protect yourself as best as you can. Especially, your head and face should be protected from the sun's rays. - It is absolutely necessary that you should drink lots of liquids. Water is the finest drink on earth and you should ensure to drink plenty of it. You should not wait for getting thirsty. Feeling thirsty is a symptom that shows that you are reaching the point of dehydration. - You should reduce, or if possible, completely avoid drinking alcoholic beverages in such hot weather conditions. These beverages are capable of dehydrating your body. - You are advised to switch to a judicious diet regimen during such climates. Your diet should be well-balanced and should contain all the essential vitamins and minerals. You should also ensure to take your food on time. - Your outfits should be comfortable and loose. You should see that your skin is not exposed to the hot rays of the sun. - Children should not be allowed to play outside in such hot and humid conditions. Though they may not know the impact of the weather, they may be affected. Similarly, your pets should also be protected and as far as possible, keep them inside the house. - Last but not the least, exerting yourself more than necessary during this season will cause extreme fatigue and heat stroke. Therefore, there should be periodical breaks and sufficient rest during your work in this season. Raman Kuppuswamy writes excellent articles on various topics. You may kindly visit http://hubpages.com/profile/dreamdamodar/hubtivity and read his articles on many other topics.


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