Mindfulness Practice - The Mantra For Success

Sages of the ancient world and even contemporary management gurus repeatedly affirm that mental clarity and focus must be fervently practiced for achieving personal growth. If you practice them, you will be able to develop your concentration. The foremost point you should understand is that all successful people have not been blessed with a natural genius or special talents. Only because they have been making sustained efforts and trying persistently, they are able to achieve what they have been aspiring for. They not only make such sustained efforts but make it a point to develop their concentration. In other words, mindfulness is the main thing that can bring success to your life. Whatever be your profession or occupation, living for the moment and concentrating on the present are the secrets of your success. You should never think of the past because it is dead and gone and however hard you try, you can not put the clock back. Similarly, thinking about your future is also futile because no one really knows what will happen in future. So, you should be completely focused on the present and nothing but the present. Your focus and concentration on the present should be at their peak and you should be able to "look" at the present with clarity. Experts on martial arts have a special word for this "state". It is called "kime", the meaning of which is "tightening of the mind". If you practice and develop this type of focus and concentration, you will be able to have the same level of focus on your goals. Such a focus will help you to perform at your peak. This has been named as "mindfulness practice" by experts. The Center for Mindfulness in Medicine at the University of Massachusetts has been doing extensive research on this topic. They have found out that this practice can improve your performance dramatically. You can have phenomenal improvement in your innovative and creative abilities also. Your capacity to "read" the minds of people will also increase amazingly. If you are able to achieve these capabilities, nothing can stop you from succeeding. Further, mindfulness practice will help you in managing your stress levels also. Since you will be able to control your thoughts, nothing in this world can distract you from your focus on your goals. As a sage puts it, "If someone dropped a sword during a battle, they would immediately pick it up out of fear. Likewise, if I lose the weapon of mindfulness, I should quickly retrieve it." Therefore, practicing mindfulness which is nothing but focusing on the present is the mantra for success.


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