Think With Your Head To Get Your Ex Back

Breakup is painful whether it happens between friends, relatives, lovers or spouses. But, breakups between lovers or couples are something unique. If you are one among such couples and if you are really serious about patching up and getting your ex back, you should know the following points:

- The first thing you should understand is that breakup is a common thing that happens to many couples. Though you may have a feeling that you are mainly responsible for the split, apologies alone will not work for a patch-up and for getting your ex back. You will certainly make a lot of promises when you apologize. You may assure your ex that you will not commit the mistake that has led to the split again. You may also assure that things will be different henceforth and so on. But, these may not get you the results you expect.

- Of course, you should know the reasons for the split. The very fact that you are trying for a reunion shows that you are not able to bear the breakup and that you have a feeling that living without your ex is impossible. Only if you know the reasons for the split, you can make the required changes to your approach. In other words, you should stop being emotional and start thinking with your head.

- Before making your moves, you should accept the reality that a breakup has already happened. You should gracefully accept the decision made by your ex. You should also respect that like you, your ex also has a right to have feelings and opinions. So, you should avoid the age-old strategy of finding fault with him or her. You should most importantly avoid using manipulative techniques.

- Once you understand that a breakup, whether it is temporary or permanent, has already occurred, you should focus on ways to get your partner back. Statistics show that most of the splits are reversible. But, at the same time, many couples fail to make a patch-up because they behave irrationally. They are guided by their emotions and not by their heads. That is the reason you are advised to think impartially and analyze the reasons for the split. If you do such an analysis, you may come to know that the reasons may be very trivial or subtle. More often than not, the reasons may not be what you presume them to be.

- The most important point you should understand is that you can not expect instant results. That is why you are advised to refrain from trying to talk to your ex for convincing him or her. You should also not try to call, send messages through phone or email and so on. Your ex may become more rigid if you adopt these strategies.

- You should be positive-minded because such a mindset will not only boost your confidence but will help you to think clearly also. You must be prudent enough to understand that a breakup can only be temporary and it is a just a warning that the relationship process needs a little tinkering.

- Experts on relationships advise that you should behave and show to your ex that living without him or her is certainly possible for you. Your ex may certainly be impressed if your positive attitude is clearly "visible". Your ex may not expect that you will exhibit such an unusual behavior. It may make him or her less strong. He or she may start desiring to have you back also.

- The next step is that you can start mixing with common friends. If you mix more with friends of the opposite sex, your ex may start paying more attention to you. This is a time-tested strategy and your ex may start influencing you through many ways. He or she may send feelers through common friends or relatives. You may start getting greetings, messages and so on. It is at this stage you can be certain that patch-up is imminent. You should not squander this opportunity by showing your rigidity. You should work in a subtle manner and see that you get him or her back.


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