Adopt This Simple Method To Master English

Almost all of us have a desire to learn English. The popularity of this language is spreading even in countries like Japan and China. It is not necessary to go into the reasons for this. Let us now discuss about one of the best methods that we can adopt for learning English. The first point you should understand is that learning or mastering English is not an insurmountable problem. Some of you may know the language but you may have faced difficult and uncomfortable situations by not being able to communicate in it. But, you should never feel ashamed about it. English is like any other language. When you were able to master your own language, you can definitely master English also. You should first have confidence in yourself before embarking upon a suitable program for learning this great language. There are many people who have quit the process of learning this language because they are afraid of committing errors. Some people feel embarrassed that others may criticize and laugh at them when they commit errors. These are unnecessary fears that may hamper and scuttle your learning. The best way to learn English is to increase your exposure to it. This can be very effectively done by listening to English news more often. If this routine is followed religiously for about 3 months, you can certainly see a vast improvement in the command you have over that language. This suggestion may certainly evoke mixed reactions. But, those who ridicule this advice should pause and think how they have learned their own mother tongue. They could learn it only by exposing themselves more to it. This is what happens when you listen to English news constantly. If you just pause to recollect how you have learned your mother tongue, you will admit that mere exposure to the language helped you learn it. You did not follow any books or audio tapes. People at home and relatives were speaking with you only in that language and you gradually learned how to speak in it. The same principle is applied here. But, the problem is that you have not understood the process you voluntarily or involuntarily adopted for learning your mother tongue. That is the reason you are looking for other round-about ways for learning to speak in English. Whatever may be the way you choose will certainly be more complicated than the exposure method. By adopting these methods, you are trying to control your language-learning process. Even the so-called scientific methods limit the results because they always try to track your progress through tests and other yardsticks. In the end, you get frustrated and stop the process. But, in the exposure method, you need not do any tracking. Initially, you may find it difficult. As you continue listening to English news, you will start understanding the usual words and phrases that stand out. Then, you will gradually connect the context and understand other words also. There may be mistakes in understanding a few words but you will soon realize that you have committed some mistakes and correct them. Once you develop an ear for this great language, you can easily understand every word that is spoken.


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