Nurture Friendship And Have A Long-Standing Relationship

Relationships will not sustain and grow if they are not nurtured. This includes friendship also. But, you do not have written rules that should be followed for nurturing a friendship. You should follow your mind and heart and take the required steps. You will find that these steps are just common-sense steps. It is not that you may know them when you start having friends when you are a kid. You gradually learn them and if you stick to them, you can be certain of having a strong and enduring relationship with your friends. These are the steps:
- If your friend is dating someone, you have no business to act smart and snatch the person from your friend. This means that the person whom your friend is dating is not available for you for dating. Even if there is a break-up between them, you should not try to date that person. If there is a tiff between them, you should try to solve the misunderstanding and bring them together. But, if the break-up appears permanent, even then, you should keep away from the person whom your friend was dating.
- The same rule applies to your friend's friends also. You should not try to allure your friend's friends and try to get closer to them. This will also create embarrassing situations for both of you. Your friend may also feel that he or she has been let down very badly. Of course, you may be introduced to his or her friends but you should not take this as an advantage and try to alienate them from your friend.
- Being friends with someone means sharing responsibilities. It is true that friendships are not "barter" businesses but your friend should not feel that he or she is always shouldering the responsibilities. This includes financial responsibilities also. Of course, you do not have measurements to gauge non-financial ones but you should always make sure to shoulder responsibilities and extend the fullest support in everything he or she does.
- You should never behave like a "fair-weather" friend. You should be with your friend in all his or her ups and downs. You may not be able to help him or her in certain situations but if you show empathy, it will be a great morale-booster for your friend. You should safeguard his or her interests also when difficult circumstances arise.
- If you make a promise to your friend, you should fulfill it without fail. This means that you should never make false promises. Your friend should have complete confidence in you that you are always available for him or her and you will not let him or her down once you make a promise.
These are only a few steps but there are many other things you should keep in mind and follow if you wish to maintain excellent relationships with your friends.


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