Innovation Holds The Key To The Progress Of Your Career And Company

Managers who have been successful in their careers may not have met with success unless they are innovative. It is not that they succeed every time they try to come up with a new idea. But, it certainly may have been failures along the way that must have motivated them to excel in what they are doing. In other words, these people do not view failures as stumbling blocks. They try to find out where they have committed mistakes, learn from them and move ahead to come out with creative ideas. But, they never like not to be innovative. As rightly pointed out by a management expert, "you miss 100% of the shots you never take". So, if you want to be a successful manager, you should understand that the key ingredients for success are innovation and risk-taking. There are a few steps you and your team can take to be more innovative.
- The best place where you can get innovative ideas is the business of your customers. You should delve deep into the way your customers are doing their business. Of course, this is possible only if you have a good rapport with them. If you develop such a relationship with them, they may come out with their requirements more openly. This means that you will have newer directions or angles to think about. If you apply your mind, you can find innovative solutions that fulfill their requirements.
- If you involve more number of people, the chances of coming out with new ideas increase. So, you can involve your team members also in your quest for finding creative ideas. Since many people are involved, you and your team members may not miss the ideas.
- In your eagerness to be innovative, you may tend to be aggressive and if your risk-taking habits have caused harm to your company more than once, it is better you include women also in your team. It has been found and proved that women have a natural risk-averse disposition and so, this trait may do the balancing act that may reduce the negative impact of your aggressive nature.
-There is a tendency in the present-day organizations to ignore the expertise available with experienced as well as superannuated employees. This is wrong. You should not forget the fact that many of these experienced people keep abreast of the latest developments that take place all around them. So, they can create a synergy of the old and new ideas. These ideas may contribute immensely and help you to come out with innovative solutions.
- You can also think of forming what are called "fusion" teams. You can blend the team members belonging to two or three different departments and form a group. This group will look at the problems in their own perspective and this may help in coming out with creative ideas.
You can look for many such ideas to come out with innovative solutions not only for fulfilling the requirements of the customers but for serving the needs of your company as a whole.


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