Obstacles To Success And How We Can Overcome Them

No one will say that they do not want to succeed in life. Of course, definitions of success vary from one person to another. A few people may like to have financial success, some people may to succeed in their business, most of us want to succeed in having good relationships and so on. But, almost everyone finds it difficult to achieve success.
There may be a few reasons for this. One of the reasons is that people are afraid of failing. You may be surprised to know that there are people who fear success also. Another strange reason is that many of us are afraid of criticism of others. We think that others may laugh at us if we fail. we fear that others may stop accepting or loving us. But, we should not forget the fact that even if we succeed, we will be criticized. So, we want to play it safe by not taking risks. When we are not ready to take risks, there is no question of achieving success also.
Apart from not taking risks, we try to please others. That is the reason we do not say "no" when we are supposed to say it. We unnecessarily drag ourselves into troubles. Sometimes, we may not be able to fulfill the obligations we accept and this will again displease others. But, if we believe that we can earn the love and respect of others by trying always to please them, nothing can be more wrong than it.
Though we have been nurturing a desire in our minds to succeed, we may not take risks or we may let good opportunities go due to such fears. For example, we may not start the business about which we are passionate, we may not live the life we desire and so on. So, our dreams die before they take a good shape.
Another reason that may sabotage our success is perfectionism. We may always wish to have perfect circumstances for beginning anything. This is an impossible situation. No one will have perfect situations to begin anything. We should begin doing things and as we move ahead with firm faith and a focused mind, we can make suitable and necessary changes to make things smooth.
The following few tips may be helpful to get rid of these fears and to move firmly along the path of success:
- You should first understand that you can not satisfy everyone. You should learn to say "no" when you feel that you may not be able to accept the wishes of others. You need not be afraid that this will break your relationship with them. It may not because after some time, the same people may realize that you have not committed any mistake by saying "no" to their requests. Even if they continue to blame you, you need not worry because they are not worthy of a relationship with you.
- You should develop a positive attitude. If you approach any task with a positive frame of mind, you will see many possibilities and can accomplish it successfully.
- Perfectionism is an enemy to success. You must realize this and start taking calculated risks for achieving success in life. You must not forget the fact that everyone commits mistakes. Committing mistakes is not a sin but if you do not learn your lessons from them, it is certainly a sin.
Of course, making the above changes may take time. You should keep trying till you succeed because these are absolutely necessary for achieving a bigger success.


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