What Businesses Should Do For Sustaining In The Competitive Environment That Prevails Now?

The news story that Kuldeep Singh, manager for the past six years at McDonald's restaurant located at 152 Street Highway 10 at Surrey, Canada, has been conferred with the award "Outstanding Manager of the Year for 2015" may offer a lot of tips to managers and entrepreneurs as to how they should conduct their business in the present-day world.

This recognition is the result of Singh's contribution towards building sales and more importantly, for his focus towards guest satisfaction. Other factors that prompted McDonald Canada to confer this award on him are his approach towards staff training, staff development and his coordinating abilities that could create a synergy between the marketing programs conducted locally and his restaurant operations.

In short, this award is mainly because Singh has been bestowing special focus upon guest satisfaction and has been putting a lot of faith in his team. Singh proudly says that his team in the Surrey restaurant helped him win a number of internal awards also.

According to McDonald's franchisees at Surrey, Kuldeep has always been bestowing special attention on crew satisfaction and this translates into impeccable guest experiences. That is why he is able to consistently bring outstanding performances out of his team.

The annual AON Hewitt study has been naming McDonald’s Canada among the best employers of Canada for the past 13 years consecutively. This is because the company has been providing its employees with world-class training, development opportunities and hands-on working and business experiences. Employees of the company and its franchisees enjoy competitive wages, scholarship programs and flexible working hours. This approach helps employees build their careers successfully.

In fact, John Betts, CEO and President of McDonald Canada, began his career as a behind-the-counter employee. 

The purpose of writing this news story is to insist on the importance of focusing on customer satisfaction as well as on employee development. A business that focuses on these two aspects is certain to grow and on the other hand, a business that ignores them may not be able to sustain in the competitive environment that prevails now.


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