The Internet Era and How It Has Changed the Face of Marketing

Off-line market is quite big. But the online market is getting bigger and bigger. More and more products and services are being sold online. Of course, there are a number of companies that sell both off-line and online. But regardless of whether companies offer products or services online or off-line, they have to adopt the right ways to identify potential customers so they can make sales. 

The advent of the Internet has brought about phenomenal changes in the marketing concept. Nowadays, companies are forced to adopt an approach that is marketing-driven. Online marketing helps companies contact their customers directly and not necessarily through their sales force. 

The methods that were being adopted earlier did not allow companies to contact the market directly and so, they had to expend heavily for being in touch with their existing as well as potential customers. Most of the traditional sales happened through marketing executives which means companies had to pay salaries and other expenses to these employees. But in the present day context, the expenditure on sales forces has declined significantly because companies are focusing more on online marketing and other ways like using newsletters, direct brochures, etc. crafted by competent copywriters. In fact, even the sales forces depend on the Internet for convincing customers through presentations. 

There is one more benefit in adopting online marketing. Companies can “push” and vary the marketing factors appropriately so they go well with different time periods, scenarios and geographical markets. Customers also find the shift to online marketing convenient because they can now easily send their complaints and suggestions, if any, in a jiffy. In other words, the phrase "word by mouse" has replaced "word of mouth." This may be a nightmarish situation for those companies that do not bestow enough attention on customer satisfaction or that do not offer quality products or services.

But companies that have utmost focus on customer satisfaction use the Internet for getting the right feedback from customers so they can make suitable modifications and improvements to their products, services and processes.

The role of a copywriter is quite huge in this changed scenario. Companies can get customized copies that suit their preference and that can grab the attention of the audience they are targeting. Reputed companies like that offer copywriting services are passionate about and committed to providing high-quality copies that can resonate with the targeted audience. The copies crafted by such copywriters will certainly make these companies more 'visible' on the Net.


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