Why Using the Right Category of Emotion Is Important to Attract Customers through a Copy

Copywriting is a great tool that can help in the marketing of a business. In fact, a well-written copy can do wonders for a business. Such a copy can inspire prospective customers to buy your products or services so you can make money. But how can you inspire these prospective customers to make their buying decision?

While trying to know the answer to this question, you may recall reading that people make their buying decisions based on their emotions. But when you think of emotions, you view them as feelings and not as motivation. The fact is you are not provoking feelings of your customers to make them buy but you are motivating them to take the required action.

Have you ever felt the so-called 'feelings' when you try to pull out your wallet for buying a thing? The answer may be an emphatic "no." You may think that you have acted based on your logic. But that is also not true. You are simply trying to justify your purchase by invoking logic. In fact, you could have resisted your temptation to buy also. This means there was some motivation that has triggered your desire to buy and once you have made the purchase, you are making use of your logical brain to justify the action.

Of course, once you allow motivation to work on you, your emotions will also start working and you will act upon them. Remember, emotions are simpler than feelings. In fact, feelings are so complicated that we do not hesitate to come out with alibis or lies to convince ourselves about them.

So, while creating copies, the goal should be not to make the buyers feel but make them want and act on those wants. But what are the results of such a responsive motivation?

The first category of results is "approach" motivation in which the readers of the copy may want to discover or experience about what you say in your contents. This means a positive desire is involved in this motivation. This category helps in selling highly desirable and high-quality products such as iPhones, attractive kitchen countertops and even dubious “get-rich-quick” schemes.

Next comes "avoid" motivation and in this category, readers may want to somehow keep away from low-value products. In general, charities invoke this category of motivation so the beneficiaries can avoid or escape from the ill-effects of poverty or disease. Even those who want to get help during natural disasters can also be influenced using this category of emotion.

The third category is "attack" motivation that comes in the form of devaluing, insulting, criticizing or destroying something. This can be used to emotionally motivate someone for eliminating something instead of avoiding it. Insecticides and pesticides that kill weeds or bugs in cultivable lands can be sold using this category of emotion.

If you use the right category of motivation in your copy, you can help your clients expand their customer base because you will be motivating them with focused contents in your copy.


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