Does Worrying Serve Any Purpose?

"Howto Stop Worrying and Start Living" is certainly one of the best motivational books. The points Dale Carnegie has written in it are relevant even today, though he wrote the book five decades back. In the book, Carnegie suggests that we should accept the "inevitable" in order to overcome our worries. In the book, Carnegie obviously used the word "inevitable" in the present tense and did not want the word to denote the future. 

This means the word has been used for describing current situations. For example, if a person has been born blind, he or she has to accept this inevitable fact. At the same time, we cannot be oblivious of the fact that many blind people or those with other types of physical and mental issues have accomplished great feats in their life. 

In short, the only inevitable thing we all should accept is "death." As Frank Sinatra, with his typical candidness, said, “You better enjoy livin’ baby, ’cause dying is a pain in the ass.” All other things in life are not completely inevitable. So, how will worrying solve our problems? 

There are many people who use logical semantics to oversimplify and misinterpret this "inevitablity" concept and stop taking action. They wrongly conclude that however hard they try, they are likely to fail and hence, they need not make any efforts. But the reality is that there are millions of folks who are blissfully ignorant of this concept and who keep taking purposeful action for achieving whatever goals they have set in their life. 

In other words, by directing your energy towards constructive living and focusing on taking the required action, you will not have any time to worry. In short, activity is the least expensive antidote for worries.

In reality, we can overcome most of the problems we face by relentlessly putting our resources to optimal use. By doing so, we will be able to "visualize" many new possibilities that have till now remained "invisible" to us.

To summarize, it is not a mistake if you make plans for your future but worrying constantly about your future is a mistake. In fact, you cannot made wise choices if you keep worrying.

The best way to stop worrying is to focus on how best you can become the best daughter or son, the best daughter-in-law or son-in-law, the best spouse, the best sibling, the best parent, the best friend and the best employee. If you succeed in these efforts, there will not be any need to fret and get stewed up over your financial health because since you will continuously be taking action, wealth will automatically come to you. 


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