Doing Customer-centric Business

Day in and day out, we hear businesses that proclaim from roof tops of their low and unbeatable rates, impeccable service, best possible quality, etc. But, do these advertisements end up in more sales? The answer is a big "MAY NOT"'. Customers have become very smart. They want to know what they get out of purchasing the product.
Customers have requirements of their own. Your products should fulfill their requirements. Hence your sales efforts should be more customer-centric and your advertisements should speak loudly that their requirements are being taken care of by your products.
The only way to understand customers' requirements is to listen to them intently.
The plan for studying the requirements of customers should be a dynamic one. You can not adopt a uniform strategy with all the customers because their requirements vary. When there is so much competition around, innovative and unique strategies should be adopted for satisfying customers. You should also be flexible to change tack and modify the strategies because customers' needs are also ever-changing.
There is an 'information explosion' that is happening outside and customers easily become aware of the developments in technology, improvements in products, innovations that may better their lifestyle,etc. Hence knowing the requirements of customers will equip you with the required ammunition for changing your products and systems accordingly.
Your aim should always be to satisfy your customers in a unique way. This uniqueness will give you the edge over your competitors. The age-old custom of adopting the same old strategies will not yield results.
If customers are impressed with your products, delivery processes, your quick response to their queries and other support-services, they turn loyal to you. This may lead to more sales because word-of-mouth advertising always works wonders.
"Talk to strangers" is the first lesson in marketing. Your employees in your marketing department should be educated in this area because sales may materialize from unexpected sources.
There is no single prescription for getting more clientele. You have to evolve your own strategies based on factors like customers' needs, tastes, preferences, social and financial statuses, etc.
Getting a feed-back from the existing customers on your products, your support-services, your delivery processes, etc. will give you an insight on how you can improve in those areas. This process has to be carried out with every customer on a continuous basis.
The rapport you develop with the customers will help you immensely. By closing a sale, you not only get revenues but you develop a new relationship with a new customer. You should bear in mind that it costs time, money and energy to get customers. If you develop an excellent relationship with customers, they will not only be loyal customers to you, but you are sure to get more and more sales through them.
You should keep in your mind that your competitors are only a click away. Hence retaining your existing customers and expanding the customer base are very important for the growth of your business.


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