Plan Your Marketing Techniques

You are an entrepreneur, you have a product to sell and what are your plans to get customers? There are several ways to do marketing. Some of these ideas may help you to launch your marketing campaign:
1. If your business is small, you can engage in a direct marketing campaign. Keeping a couple of marketing executives to do the marketing is enough in the initial stages. Once the business grows, you can think of expanding your marketing team.
2. You can use advertisement services of the media like newspapers, journals, magazines, and also electronic media like Television, Radio, etc.
3. If the business is a large one, you can resort to dealer marketing. You can appoint dealers for distributing the products in different areas where you think you have large concentrations of customers.
4. The modern day trend of franchising is very useful in selling your products. Franchising is a win-win concept. You succeed when the franchisees succeed in their businesses. You train the franchisees and their employees on your products, the systems and procedures to be adopted and the delivery procedures. They do the business as per the norms laid down by you, as the franchisor. There will be a healthy competition among the franchisees and this benefits you immensely.
5. Internet is the most popular tool for marketing. You can host your website containing the complete details of your business, your products, your delivery procedures and systems, contact information, etc. You can enable the website to be viewed through the most popular search engines. This will certainly increase your sales.
6. Marketing on the mobile phones through blue tooth technology is picking up fast. Messages reach directly to potential customers and this is a good technique for marketing your products.
Whatever may be the technique you use, you should ensure that the message you want your customers to know is clear and concise. The message should evoke interest in them and offer the right solution to their requirements.
You should also ensure tracking the results of your marketing efforts. After all, you are spending huge amounts for marketing your products and they should not go down the drain. Hence tracking the results is very important. Most of the companies do not bestow enough attention on this aspect. If the tracking reveals that a particular technique is fetching good results, you can focus more on that marketing technique. In the same manner, if you get more business from a particular location, you can concentrate more on that location for getting more sales.


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