Persistence, The Great Propellant

As an entrepreneur, the only quality you require to make your goals a reality is persistence. During the course of your business, you may be facing various stumbling blocks. But, if you are persistent and persevere for achieving your goals, you are on the right track and you are sure to achieve your goals.
You may also commit mistakes, may be, in taking decisions, in executing your plans, or in your judgments. But, if you adopt a flexible approach and correct the wrongs, you can put your plans back on the right path.
Persistence gives you success and the self-confidence you gain out of the success will immensely help you in accomplishing bigger goals. Hence it is always suggested to break your big goals into achievable smaller ones and each small accomplishment will take you one step nearer to your bigger goal.
All successful people possess this attribute of persistence as their strongest ammunition. The steely resolve to progress in their endeavors and achieve what they target is the major trait that differentiate the successful from the ordinary.
The trait of persistence can be practiced. You can follow these tips to cultivate this great habit:
1. You should take total responsibility for your actions and behavior. Nobody is going to stop you from achieving your goals unless you allow them to do so. Your failures or success are your own making. Even if you face a hurdle in your plans, you should never panic and get stranded. As they say, problems and opportunities are both sides of the same coin. You must try to find out the seed of a hidden opportunity in that situation and work on it. Always try to think like this: "Yes. I have a problem. But there is a way to solve this. I should find out what it is". If you focus your mind like this, you are sure to find out the solution.
2. If you are industrious and keep yourself busy, you will not have time to worry or have negative thoughts. Taking action to achieve the set goals is the next step. Do not keep on planning. Just start doing things. This does not mean that you should not have plans. Planning is absolutely necessary. But if you insist that you will start the action only if you have a perfect plan, that is wrong. There is nothing like a perfect plan. You should keep on doing things and as you go along, you will have chances to correct things and make your plan perfect. Hence start taking action to achieve your goals.
3. Your plans may go awry. There may be hurdles. You should be flexible to change your plans according to situations. Your ultimate aim is to achieve your goal. After all, life is not a road that has no turnings. You should steer your vehicle accordingly to move along the turnings. Hence the smartest way of doing a business is to have back-up plans.
4. When the obstacles you face are quite big and take longer time to get resolved than you anticipated, you should never panic. Persistence and only persistence will solve the situation. You should have that never-say-die attitude to tide over such situations and emerge victorious.
5. Whatever you do in your business, you should do more than the benefits you derive out of it. This 'extra' will have so much of a compound effect that you can beat your competitors by a mile.
6. Persistence is the off-spring of commitment. If your commitment to achieving your goal is strong, you persist for achieving it. Always concentrate on the 'why', rather than on the 'how'. Why you are persisting on your goal is more important than how you are going to achieve it.
7. The burning desire to achieve your goal is the propellant which lifts your persistence levels to great heights. Therefore, turn your desires into burning desires. Focus on your desires strongly and visualize in your mind's eye on accomplishing the tasks to turn your desires into reality. By practicing this regularly, your desires will become burning desires.
This trait of persistence is so powerful that it can take you to great heights and therefore, practice persistence to achieve whatever you aim at in your business.


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