Do you have back pain? Use these tips

Chronic low back pain is one of the commonest problems many people suffer from. If you also suffer from this pain, it may negatively impact your family life, productivity at the workplace and your recreational activities. You should first understand that the medical field is yet to come out with the right cure for this problem. You can use the following tips so the problem does not worsen and interfere with your routine life. 

    Stop slouching

Though there may be several reasons that may cause low back pain, your wrong sitting posture can be the foremost among them. If you slouch while sitting, you are putting more pressure on your joints, discs and the muscles. This causes acute pain and therefore, you should learn how to sit in the right posture. This will help in decreasing or eliminating the pain. 

Never avoid exercises

People have a notion that if they suffer from low back pain, they should not do their exercises. This is very much wrong. If you choose the right exercises and do them regularly, you can even get rid of your back pain because exercises strengthen your core muscles and increase blood circulation to your discs and joints.

Avoid lifting heavy weights

When your back pain is acute, you should avoid lifting heavy weights because it will aggravate the pain. You can seek the help of others because an extra set of hands will reduce the impact of the load you have to lift. Nowadays, you have various types of equipment for lifting heavy loads and you can make use of them.

Avoid bending repetitively

Repetitive forward bending may worsen your back pain. Even while doing your workouts, choose only backward bending exercises so you can avoid aggravating your low back pain.

No passive treatments

People may suggest passive treatments like keeping ice packs or heat-packs at the spot where your pain is acute. Likewise, you may get suggestions to opt for ultrasound therapy. These treatments may only give temporary relief and hence, don't waste your time, efforts and money over them.

Stop smoking

It is a proven fact that smoking aggravates low back pain. Hence, you should take immediate steps to get rid of this habit.

Remember, there is no miracle cure for low back pain. But if you follow the above tips, you will certainly get good relief from the pain.  


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