Have Answers for These Questions for Getting a Compelling Copy from Your Copywriter

Businesses that want to succeed in their ventures should target the right audience and touch what is known as "emotional chord" in their prospective customers for inspiring them to hit the 'buy' button. If you own a business and if you aim to expand your customer base, you should have answers to a few questions because the company that provides you with copywriting services or the copywriter who has agreed to take up freelance writing for you may need these details.

If you answer these questions comprehensively, you can assume that you have won half of the battle. Though the company that offers professional copywriting services may not require answers for all the questions, the more answers you provide them with, the better are the chances of you getting compelling copies from them. You can be certain that such compelling contents will showcase the product or service you offer in the right manner so the prospects who have the purchase intent will be targeted appropriately.

The questions for which you have to have your answers are:

What are your products or services?
What is the USP or Unique Value Proposition of your product or service?
Who are your target customers?
How is your product or service useful to your customers?
What is the “pain point” your customers may be ready to experience for having your product/service?
What are the emotional factors that may inspire your customers to hit the "buy" button?
Describe the key features and benefits of your product or service.
How are you selling your product or service at present?
Do you think that some of the customers have misconceptions about the product/service you are offering?
Do you have any idea about the keywords or key phrases that may drive customers to your website?
Describe your competitors.
What are the sales goals you have set?
Do you face any obstacles in your marketing strategy at present?
Do you have any supporting materials for succeeding in the proposed marketing strategy?

Once the company that offers copywriting services to you or the freelance writer who has agreed to take up your work has been provided answers to these questions, they will determine the type of your buyers. 

Most of this information can be gathered from the data-cards of the existing as well as pass customers of your company. This vital information will be useful for determining the emotional angle with which customers can be influenced. Most of the buyers may like to buy only from those whom they like or who they feel, are similar to them. If the copy or the sales letter the copywriter crafts puts your company on the same level or the same page with the prospective buyers, you can assume the you have crossed the half-way mark in your marketing journey.

Of course, for crossing the remaining part of the journey, the copywriter or the company that has agreed to provide copywriting services should craft such a copy that clearly describes the benefits customers will derive by buying your product or service. In other words, the copy should focus on the customers and not on your business. 


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