Inspire Customers to Buy from You. Don't Repel Them.

You may have a very high-quality product. But if those who visit your store go back without buying your product, what does it mean? These people may have the money and also the need for the product you are offering. But instead of buying from you, they walk into another store and buy the product there. 

Remember the words of Maya Angelou who once said in an interview, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This is very much true in situations businesses face while trying to sell their products or services. 

When you entrust the task of crafting a sales letter to a competent copywriter, he will delve deep to find out how he should make your prospective customers feel. He will ensure that those customers are made to feel valued and important. 

Customers who read the sales letter the copywriter has crafted for you should feel at ease and the letter should instill confidence in them that you have a sincere desire to help them by solving their problem. Remember, nowadays customers are very smart and so, they can understand if you are phony or are really trying to help them. The sales letter should enthusiastically "talk" to the prospective customers and your "smiling face" should be "visible" to them when they go through the letter. In short, the emotions the sales letter creates in them should inspire them to buy the products you are offering


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