A Few Birth Control Devices You May Have Never Heard Of

As a woman, you may understand the pain that is associated with living in perpetual wariness of pregnancy. Due to this, you may be forced to have a low profile sexual life which may eat into the very vitals of your relationship with your partner. You may be reluctant to adopt birth control methods that are available, for which the reason may perhaps be lack of knowledge.

Further, as an expert points out, you should be comfortable with and should also like your birth control method. Therefore, an attempt is made here to give the details about a few birth control devices you may have never heard of so that you can make an informed decision.

You must first understand that there is no 100 per cent foolproof birth control method. You should also know that every birth control method has its own inherent risks. The best advice is that you should consult your gynecologist and discuss all your needs and concerns. The gynecologist should go through your medical history and then suggest the most suitable birth control device for you.

- Cervical barriers are considered as one of the effective birth control devices by a sizable number of experts. When you hear the phrase "cervical barriers", you are sure to be reminded of male condoms. But, you have a slew of other barriers that are associated with the woman's vagina. Diaphragm, the Contraceptive Sponge and the Cervical Cap are a few popular examples. If you take the example of a Cervical Cap, it stays in place on the cervix or on the vaginal walls by getting sucked. In the case of a Diaphragm, it is made to sit behind the pubic bone and it remains pressed against the vaginal walls with its firm and malleable ring.

You should seek the help of your gynecologist or well-trained experts for fitting the Cervical Cap, the Diaphragm or any other cervical barrier. You are advised to supplement the use of these barriers with spermicide. You can put these barriers two hours before the intended intercourse so that you can enjoy the foreplay also. Another benefit is if you have these barriers on, you can have intercourse even during your periods. But, you should ensure to practice fixing them on your own. You should have these cervical barriers on you for six to eight hours even after your copulation with your partner. A few women may experience bladder or urinary tract infections if they use these barriers.

- You have another barrier device in female condoms. These devices can easily be called as the most under-used devices. Nowadays, you get smooth, soft and affordable versions of these condoms. These condoms must be just inserted into the vagina and you are ready for a great session. These condoms are well-lubricated and have the shape of a tube. There is an inner ring that is removable and that stays in the back of the vagina and an outer ring, that covers the surface area around the vagina. The great benefit in using these female condoms is that for your intercourse, you do not need an erect penis. You can have uninterrupted foreplay also with these condoms on.

- Patch is another birth control device and it has to be stuck somewhere on your body just like a band-aid. It works through your skin, slowly administering the anti-contraceptive dose into your system. A few experts suggest that sticking it on the breasts works well. The ovulation-suppressing hormones get into your body through your skin. You should use the patch continuously for three weeks and you can give a break during the fourth week. Smoking women, breast-feeders, women aged above 35, diabetics and those who have blood pressure are not advised to use Patch.

- Another good birth control device is the Ring. This plastic ring is put inside the vagina and the hormones released from this ring prevents pregnancy. This ring should be on you for three weeks and during the fourth week, it should be removed. Again, the next week, you can have a new ring. The greatest benefit is that you need not worry about pregnancy and have uninterrupted enjoyment if you use this device. Like in the Patch, women over 35, diabetics, breast-feeders and women who have high blood pressure should not use the Ring.

- Intrauterine devices, which are popularly called IUDs are one of the most effective birth control devices. There are two types in this tiny T-shaped device. One of the types is hormonal and the other type, which is made of copper, acts as a natural spermicide. You should take the help of your gynecologist who inserts this device into your uterus. You can keep the Copper type on you for many years, may be even beyond 10 years. Since it is one of the safest methods, you can have uninterrupted and unencumbered sexual life.


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