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If you develop a good reading speed, you can benefit in many ways. If more details are imbibed in the shortest possible time, you can handle all your jobs more efficiently in your work place. Your decision making process will also get accelerated because you will have all the information with you much earlier than others. Therefore, your reputation will go up in your business or in your office. The good thing about speed reading is that once you develop that skill, it will remain with you throughout your life. Let us look at some of the good reading habits that may help you in increasing your reading speed.

- As a first step to develop this skill, you should do an honest study of your reading habits. Unless you purposely make such a study, you may not realize that you have such bad reading habits. Once you know them, you can take corrective steps to remove these habits and replace them with good ones.

- You may commit the mistake of reading one word at a time. This is not necessary at all. The human mind has the capacity to understand complete phrases or even long sentences. But, unfortunately, very often, we may get a wrong thinking that we have not read a particular word correctly. So, we make it a point to read things word by word. This type of reading is necessary only for proof-reading but your intention is not to proof-read but to comprehend the crux of the matter and make quick decisions.

- Another problem is re-reading the lines. This is again done due to the wrong thinking and lack of confidence in people. People who commit this mistake usually think that they have not read and understood properly. So, they go back to the sentences already read and re-read the matter.

- Most of us are used to reading from left to right. But, all of us do not realize that this practice can also slow down the speed of our reading. To correct this problem, you should focus on the center of the line and move your eyes downwards. This is especially effective way while you try to peruse and read columns. This technique will increase the speed of your reading to a great extent.

- Sub-vocalization is another habit that can retard the speed of reading. Sub-vocalization is nothing but pronouncing the words as children do while learning. This should be stopped forthwith if you want to increase the speed of your reading. The brain faces obstruction if this habit is followed. It can not comprehend or will not be able to sift, analyze and make out that it is reading. You should never forget the fact that your brain is much faster than your lips. Therefore, you should dispense with this habit because it hinders your brain's work.

- You should remember that you must practice these good habits regularly to sharpen your speed-reading skills. If you do not have regular reading habits, you can not develop this skill. Hence, you should first acquire the regular reading habit and then practice speed-reading. But once you master this skill by practicing frequently, you can derive immense benefits.

- Another point you should remember is that you should always be mentally alert to improve your reading speed. Without being alert, you can not make conscious efforts to improve your speed-reading skills.

By avoiding the bad reading habits and by practicing the above steps regularly, you can acquire these skills sooner than expected.


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