How to Read People

Going deep into the merits and the ethical issues relating to reading the minds of other people can easily be dismissed on the short ground that it is not a progressive idea. In a way, it is true also because of the highly competitive and merciless situation that prevails in every field. In fact, reading people's minds bestows many benefits. It is definitely possible also but the techniques must be practiced consistently so that your conclusions are near-perfect. Some of the techniques are discussed here.

It is an agreed fact that by observing the body language and eye movements of a person, you can find out what the person is thinking. In fact, reading the signals of the body language and eye movements is a great skill and if it is mastered, you can achieve a lot of things. Some people seem to have this skill naturally but many of us do not pay attention to the signals that emanate from other people through these things. If you want to acquire this skill, you should start paying more attention to these aspects.

- A great way to read the minds of people is to observe their eye movements. Experts have found out that if a person looks upward and to the left, he or she is making attempts to create an image. If a person looks upward and to the right, you can construe that he or she is making attempts to remember a particular image.

Another point is that nervous people or those who speak lies will not look at your eyes directly. If the person is shy or timid, even then, you can not expect the person to look at you directly.

On the other hand, confident people keep their eye contact for a longer duration. Same is the case with lovers. By watching the facial expressions also, you can make out what is brewing in the minds of people.

- If someone is trying to get close to you, they will respond positively when you move closer to them. They will remain where they are or will try to come a little closer. If they do not relish you getting closer to them, they will retract a little or move away from the scene.

- While conversing with a person, if the person agrees with you, the knees will be pointed towards you. On the contrary, if the knees are turned away from you, you can conclude that whatever you say is not acceptable to them.

Similarly, nervous or impatient people keep shifting their weight or moving their feet. If you observe a person sitting with his or her legs crossed, you can easily make out that he or she is an easy-going person.

- The head position will also help you to determine what people think. Tilted heads show that they have sympathy for you. A tilted head with a smile on the face show that he or she is a playful person or it can even be interpreted as a sign of flirting. If the person lowers the head while talking, you can be sure that he or she is trying to hide something.

- Some people will try to mirror your behavior. This shows that they are interested in you and are trying to create a relationship with you. To test this, you can make a few changes your behavior and if they also try to imitate these changes, you can be sure that they are very much interested in you.

- You should also observe the movement of arms to read a person's mind. If the person folds or crosses his or her arms around the chest, they are trying to shield themselves from others' influences. If they keep their feet wider with such crossed arms, these people are exhibiting their toughness. If the hands are kept on the hips, you can conclude that they are getting impatient. By keeping their arms behind, they are showing that they are not averse to discussions.

You should not become obsessed with this aspect of reading others. If you are over-zealous, others will find out that you are trying to find out what they think or attempting to read them. They will become a little rigid with you. This may spoil your relationship with people. Therefore, you should adopt a subtle approach while you try to read people.


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