iPad 2 - An Overview

Though the launch of iPad 2 can not be termed as a path-breaking event, as in the case of the original iPad, people thronged to grab the iPad 2 also during its launching. But, a few experts are of the opinion that this new gadget falls much short of expectations with the absence of a few features like a Retina Display, a micro USB port or an expandable memory or support 4G. But, no one denies the fact that it is much faster than the original iPad.

The dual-core 1 GHz A5 chip on it is two times faster than the original iPad. The graphical processing unit is also an upgraded version. The cameras are both front and back-facing. Its IPS display is 1024 x 768 with LED back-light. The size of iPad2 is 9.5" by 7.3" by 0.34" and it is amazingly light-weight, weighing only 1.3 lbs.

There is a 30% increase in the speed of reading and writing data. So, the waiting time for the iPad to access its memory is much less. Even the speed of downloading information across the Internet has increased phenomenally. Performance of the Safari browser is also enhanced, thanks to the upgraded iOS. Due to the tuning of the engine that can interpret JavaScript Code, the speed with which the web can be browsed has also increased significantly.

But the greatest appreciation from users is about the sleek appearance of iPad2. It is just like holding a piece of paper on hand and not like a tablet computer. Its thickness is just one-third of an inch. For having a solid and thick tone, the external speaker has been moved to the back of the device. In the original, it is placed at the bottom edge. Buttons are almost similar as in the case of the original iPad.

iPad 2 has been provided with a Digital AV Adapter for getting HDMI support. This adapter can be used for both the iPads, the i Phone and also for the iPod Touch. One of the major features of iPad2 is that it can support an output of 1080p. So, you can enjoy a fabulous experience watching your HDTV or a digital video, stream Netflix or Hulu Plus.

Other features include the gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, Bluetooth, etc.. Despite having a dual processor and an upgraded graphics processor, the battery on this is capable of supporting 10 hours of activity with a standby time of about a month.

Another good feature is that FaceTime has been brought to this iPad with the addition of the cameras. The quality of the cameras is good even for video conferencing.

So, though this gadget can not be hailed as an impeccable one, the few missing features do not very much impact its performance. At the same time, you can not brush aside that iPad 2 does not have its advantages as it helps in browsing faster and also in downloading quickly from the Net. What clinches the argument in favor of this gadget is that it is from the marque of Apple.


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