Control Your Anger And Lead A Peaceful Life

Anger is an absolutely important emotion every one should have. Otherwise, we will keep tolerating all the nefarious activities that may happen all around us. But, if you are affected by a phenomenon called "problematic anger", you should immediately take steps to control it. Otherwise, your life will be ruined. A lot of research has been conducted on anger management and we can say that such researches are still going on. The purpose of these researches is to control anger in humans. But, there is no "one-size-fit-all" prescription for controlling anger.

Every human being is different and each has to try the various methods that are available and choose the best one that suits their characteristics and temperament. The problem is the same situation that makes a man angry may not upset another and so on. But, all the researchers are unanimous in agreeing that the effect of this problematic anger on human health is quite serious. People get affected by tension-related diseases like blood pressure, heart ailments and so on. Their immune system is also affected by excessive anger. It is a proven fact that the stress caused due to anger causes diabetes also. Though you can consult a therapist for getting rid of this problem, you can adopt some of these common techniques to control your anger.

- If you get angry when some one does or talks something unpalatable to you, you must immediately step aside mentally and think if the person has done it purposefully. Looking at the motive of the person is highly important. Circumstances may have forced the person to act or speak the way he or she did. Even your own mood may be the reason for finding fault with the activities of the person. You may have a bad mood due to a lack of sleep or pressure in the work place or some financial worry and so on. But, this should not be the reason for getting annoyed over another person's activities. Hence, you must calmly analyze the motive of the other person as well as your mental state before getting annoyed and ventilating your anger. You should also understand that most of the people who commit mistakes do not do so intentionally. You must never forget the old adage "To err is human".

- Experts suggest that whenever you are on the brink of ventilating your anger over the activity or behavior of another person, you should start counting up to ten in your mind. Within those few seconds, your mind may do the task of reasoning and you may be able to control your anger. It is true the time taken for counting up to ten may not be enough for controlling your anger but this strategy does work. You may realize that the situation is too trivial to get worked up.

- You can also try deep breathing for controlling anger. When there is a good supply of oxygen to your body, you will be able to feel that tension and stress caused due to your anger ebb out of your mind. This will definitely calm your mind.

- Another suggestion given by experts in anger management is that you should divert your mind immediately to pleasant and positive experiences you have had in your life. This diversion technique is highly effective. You may have enjoyed a nice vacation some time back or you may have seen a comedy show or you may have enjoyed the solitude and serene atmosphere of a secluded place and so on. You should bring back those memories to your mind and this will have a soothing effect on your mind. This is one of the most effective ways to control your anger.

These are only a few common-sense tips for living a peaceful life. You can find out many more like these if you apply your mind and think creatively. Simply put, by controlling your anger, you can improve both your physical and mental health.


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