You Should Mask Your Feelings Till You Are Sure The Guy Likes You

Though you have a feeling that a particular guy likes you but are not very much sure about that, you will hesitate to make the next move. You want to get it confirmed because you may have become restless. The thinking that he likes you may make you think about him constantly. If it turns out to be your imagination or a wishful thinking, making a move will be unwise and may create an embarrassing situation. So, it is better to make sure if he has a liking for you. There are a few signs that may help you to get this confirmed.

- If he really has started liking you, he will certainly make his first move by inquiring about you casually and discreetly or seriously with mutual friends. You are sure to get this information from the friends with whom he has made these discreet inquiries. This is the first sign that shows that he is interested in you.

- Usually, his looks will show you that he has developed a liking for you. However calm he is, he will not be able to control looking at you repeatedly when you are around. You will be able to perceive a tinge of love in his looks. You need not be experienced in these things for understanding this. His affectionate looks and half-smiles are sure to expose his mind.

- He will also try to have a conversation with you at every opportunity. Even if no such situation comes up, he will create one to talk to you. After a few such conversations, he is sure to ask you if you are seeing anyone. If the guy is too shy, he will definitely ask a mutual friend if you already have any existing relationship.

- Another tactic he will adopt is that he will somehow ensure to run into you "accidentally-on-purpose". He will try to collect the details of your movements for doing this. You must not let go of the opportunity, if you are also interested in him. When he tries to talk to you, you should also respond by replying to his "silly" questions.

These signs are enough to know that he is very much interested in you and you can expect that he may ask you out any moment. You should also try to make things easy for him so that you can nurture and build a relationship with him.


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