Postpone Aging As Well As The Inevitable

Every one knows that as we age, we are approaching the inevitable. It is true that aging can not be avoided. But, we should ensure that we remain healthy throughout our life. If you make a few small adjustments, you can remain healthy till the end and you can certainly postpone the inevitable also.

- The foremost step is to indulge in more of physical activities. Physical activities are definitely better than good nutritional supplements and medicines prescribed for revitalizing and re-energizing your health. You can have elaborate consultations with your physician and physical trainer and plan a good exercises regimen. You should start your mornings with a session of cardiovascular exercises. You are advised to do them in the morning hours because the atmospheric air will be fresh then. Further, ozone that is present in the air of early morning hours bestows immense benefits to your health.

But, if exercises are not your cup of tea, you need not despair. You can have more of physical activities even while doing your regular chores. Experts advise you against being a couch potato, watching useless serials and soaps on television. Some people may be adamant and say that they can not live without watching these soaps. For them, the advice is that they can continue to watch those soaps but they should throw away the remote control device. Every time they want to change the channel or adjust the volume, they should get up and do it manually.

For those who work on computers, there is a special advice. Every twenty minutes, they should stretch, get up from their seats, walk twenty feet, blink their eyes twenty times and look at objects twenty feet away for twenty seconds. This formula is called the 20-20-20 formula and this will immensely help those who are forced to remain glued to their computers for long hours.

- You may be surprised to hear the second advice from experts. They want you to talk more. By this, it is meant that you should not suppress your emotions. You should ventilate your feelings and thoughts. Researchers have found that by not talking sufficiently, you are enabling stress hormones to add up in your system.

- Having a sound sleep at nights is very important. You should sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours daily. If you have sleep disorders, you should try to get them corrected by consulting your physician and experts in the field.

- You can learn breathing exercises. The good point about these exercises is that they can be done anywhere and at any time. These are very good for improving your overall health because sufficient oxygen will be supplied to all the parts of the body. Especially, the health of your heart and lungs will improve to a great extent. You can also try yoga if you have sufficient time because yogic exercises must be done slowly and in a rhythmic manner.

If you take these steps, you are sure to postpone your aging which will ultimately postpone the inevitable also.


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