You Can Eat Sweets And Ice Creams Even If You Are A Diabetic

If you are a type II diabetic, you may have been warned that you should refrain from eating sweets, sugary items, ice creams, cakes and so on. But, when you are forced to attend festival parties and functions, you will be feeling bad because you are not able to eat these items. You may have been threatened by almost every one that you will face dire effects that may deteriorate your health if you eat these items and you also start believing them. Extensive researches have taken place about this and the results are a good news to type II diabetics, including you. Kindly read on.

- The first thing you should understand is that if you have unwisely splurged or binged on these items during a party or a function and not had any health problems, you are really lucky. These things are sure to increase your blood sugar levels and eating them in excessive quantities may turn out to be dangerous. But, the wisest step you should have taken is to remember a concept called "moderation" and abide by it. Moderation will help you to have the cake and eat it too. This does not mean that you should take only a small quantity of these items and keep quiet. By doing so, you will not be able to control your desire for them. What you should do is to eat these items moderately every two or three hours. This will not only satiate your desire but will also not increase your blood sugar levels, thus saving you from the harmful effects of these items.

Another point is that since you eat these items in moderate quantities and that too, every two hours, your metabolism and digestive capacity improve to a great extent. You will be able to digest the entire food you eat quickly and the calories contained in them are also burned completely. So, the chances of getting obese are also avoided.

- You are also advised to chew your food slowly. Every morsel of your food should be chewed well because the brain is not capable of realizing immediately that you are eating your favorite dish. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to realize this. Before the brain realizes, you may over-eat these dishes and it will harm your health. But, if you eat them slowly and allow your brain to realize it, satiation takes place quickly you will not over-eat them. Another great benefit from chewing these foods slowly is that the digestive process is also reinforced by this.

By taking these two steps, you can continue to eat your favorite dishes even if they are considered harmful by all the others. Of course, you will have the tough task of educating and convincing your family members who may object to your eating these dishes because of their concern for your health.


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