Diabetics Can Lead A Normal Life

If you think that the nutrition that is required by a diabetic is different from that required by a non-diabetic, you can not be more wrong. In fact, since diabetics run the risk of being affected by heart diseases and strokes, they should take more foods that can improve the High Density Lipo Protein (HDL) levels. HDL is nothing but good cholesterol that is capable of negating the ill-effects of Low Density Lipo Protein (LDL) which is bad cholesterol. This bad cholesterol may form plaques on the walls of blood vessels and this may obstruct blood flow to the heart, which is the cause for heart attacks. Therefore, diabetics must bestow more attention on what they eat.

This makes it necessary for diabetics to learn what are the foods that are good for them and what are bad for them. The first thing diabetics should remember is that whenever they eat, they should eat in moderate quantities. They must also try to maintain regular timings for eating their food. If there is an inevitable delay in eating their regular food, they must eat whatever eatables that are available. Snacks such as a few biscuits and a cup of tea may be ideal when such situations arise. It is also absolutely necessary that they should eat a lot of fiber foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables including green leafy vegetables, beans and foods that are made with whole grains.

It is better they consult a doctor and a dietitian for adopting a good and nutritious diet regimen. Checking the blood glucose levels as often as possible and taking suitable medications as prescribed by the doctor are also very important. Some doctors insist that some tablets and medicines that are usually prescribed for diabetes should be taken 10 to 30 minutes prior to taking meals. However, this point needs clarification from experts in this field.

Sometimes, diet modifications may be advised by the doctor and dietitian depending upon the blood glucose levels. Adhering to such a strict diet regimen is highly advisable.

Diabetics are also advised to examine their feet often because if there are cuts and wounds, they will not heal easily. Therefore, they should move about carefully so that they do not get such injuries. They should keep their feet clean and hygienic for which washing them as often as possible and whenever they come back home from outside is advised. After washing the feet, they should dry them thoroughly. It is better if they use a soft bath soap that does not contain chemicals and lukewarm water for cleansing their feet. They should also regularly cut the nails of their hands and feet. They are also advised against walking barefooted. While sitting also, they should keep their feet at an elevated position to facilitate a well-regulated blood circulation.

These are simple steps that a diabetic should follow for avoiding other complications that may arise due to this disease. They can lead a normal life if they adopt these steps.


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