Do Not Be Reckless About Your Nutrition, It May Lead To Hair Loss

Your looks get enhanced if you have thick and great hair. But, unfortunately, we lose our hair daily. On an average, we lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair on a daily basis. But, for some people, hair loss is more and this is definitely a cause of concern. If you are one among them, there is no need to worry. There are certain natural ways, by adopting which you can prevent excessive hair loss. These steps will revitalize the process of hair growth and you can again have thick hair.

The first thing you should understand is that mostly, hair loss happens due to nutritional deficiency. If you do not get enough nutrition from the foods you eat, you are likely to be affected by this problem. So, you should spend considerable time and evolve a diet regimen that comprises the required amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Especially, proteins and certain vitamins and minerals improve hair growth. If you ignore this and do not take steps to include them in the foods you eat, it may result in stoppage of hair growth also. Your body mechanism has been tuned in such a manner that the nutrients you get are distributed first to those functions that are absolutely essential for staying alive and all the other functions get only secondary priority. Since hair growth is not a priority item for staying alive, the body mechanism keeps it at the tail end of the list. When there is a deficiency in the amount of nutrition the body gets, supply to the mechanism of hair growth will be less or may be nil also.

Therefore, increasing the amounts of proteins, vitamin B and a few other minerals in your diet is essential if you want to get back your normal hair growth. Eggs, whole grains, potatoes, cabbage and green leafy vegetables can supply to your body a lot of vitamin B. By taking liberal doses of pulses and grams, you can get a good amount of proteins. It has also been proved that Vitamin E improves your hair growth because the scalp becomes healthy. When the scalp is stimulated by the supply of good amounts of these vitamins, the process of hair growth gets re-energized.

In addition to ensuring a good supply of nutrients to your body, you can also do massaging of your scalp regularly to trigger hair growth. For this, some of the experts suggest that you should use olive oil or warm coconut oil because these oils supply a good nutrition to your scalp. But, you should use only a limited quantity of these oils and massage your head thoroughly. By doing so, you can stimulate your follicles. Further, the blood flow to your scalp increases to a large extent. If such a massaging is done daily, your normal hair growth can be regained.

There are certain herbs that can help you in solving the problem of hair loss. The herbs suggested by experts are rosemary and saw palmetto. A few experts suggest stinging nettle root extract also. The ingredients in these herbs help the body in hormone regulation so that hair loss can be prevented permanently.

These are natural ways to prevent hair loss. But, these steps should be consistently used for a given period of time. Especially, you must never lose focus on the nutrition aspect because if you adopt a sporadic approach in adopting that step, you may again face the problem of excessive hair loss.


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