Tips To Change Your Career In Your Mid-Life

If you are unhappy and dissatisfied with your current employment and want to change your career, you should not make a hasty decision. You should give it a careful thinking. The following few tips may be useful to you if you are contemplating such a change.

- You must first do an honest analysis and try to find out the real reason behind your decision. Some people may be looking for a higher salary, some people may not like the monotony of the current job. Some people may think that they are not being given the due respect they truly deserve and a few others may think that there is no enough scope for career development in the current job. But, it is better you do a lot of patient thinking before making a hasty decision. If the reasons are monotony and dissatisfaction in the routine, you must take a break for a few days and see the results. During the break, you can go on a long outing with your old friends, do different things like skiing, mountaineering and so on. You can develop an interest in some sport or a hobby and pursue it. After a few days, if you see that there is a welcome change in your thoughts, it is very good and you need not pursue a change in your career. But, if dissatisfaction returns after this interlude, you must seriously think of a change.

- But, a career change may not be as easy as you think. There is the question of financial stability. If you are already married and have a family, it is all the more difficult. Therefore, you should see if you have a comfortable bank balance because a change may happen immediately or after some gap. If you have a house loan for which you are paying an Equated Monthly Installment, you must arrange for paying that also. If you have other regular commitments like personal loans, etc., the disruption in your career should not disturb your payments. On top of everything, you should run your family. If there is an uncomfortable change in the lifestyle, it may affect your domestic life also. Therefore, having sufficient money with you for the career change period is very important.

-You should gauge rightly your present skills, your knowledge level in the current scenario and your strength of character because you should choose your career according to these strengths and weaknesses. If you are emotional and mercurial, you can not opt for a marketing profession. If you do not have the aptitude or the required skill for accounting, you can not choose an accountant's job and so on. Sometimes, you may be required to acquire a new skill for which you should be ready mentally as well as financially. All these aspects must be carefully considered when you opt for a change in career. It is better you do sufficient research and find out the current field that has a great scope for career growth and if you have the required skills for choosing that field. You should also see if your qualities and traits will suit that particular field. You can visit a career center and discuss with career counseling professionals and they will be able to guide you properly based upon your present skills and qualities. They may advise you to acquire a few new skills, if necessary.

- Many a time, when there is a career change, you will be required to work on yourself. You may be required to work for longer hours, you may be sent for an on-the-job training to hone your skills to suit the job you have been appointed for and so on. You should be ready for adjusting yourself for any eventual change in your lifestyle and in your behavior so that you do not end up again looking for another change in career. You should always remember the old adage that "rolling stones gather no moss". Changing careers quite often will ruin your reputation as well as your life and financial situation. You must avoid that and plan your change in career accordingly.


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