How To Conduct Office Parties Successfully

As a business owner, you may wish to conduct office parties not only for motivating your employees and for team building but for keeping renewed contacts with your existing customers and also for attracting new customers. But, these office parties must be planned the right way to derive optimum benefits.

Planning for an office party involves a lot of steps such as fixing the date and time of the party, choosing the right venue, readying the venue, inviting employees, customers, business associates and other celebrities, arranging for the most appropriate food items and drinks for the party and last, but not the least, choosing the right parting gifts for giving to all the attendees. These parting gifts are meant for reminding your existing customers and also the potential customers about your company so that you get business from them on a consistent basis.

The task of conducting an office party is not easy one and experts and event managers have come out with several suggestions to make such parties highly successful. A few suggestions are given below:

- The process of organizing an office party starts with deciding the date and time of the party. You should bear in mind that you need time for sending invitations to the attendees and therefore, you should fix the date accordingly. The problem in fixing the date is that you can not fix a date that may be convenient to one and all. But, majority of the people should feel that the date and time are quite convenient for them.

- When you choose the venue, you must ensure that it is large enough to accommodate the guests. The guests should not feel cramped and uncomfortable. But, at the same time, the venue should not be very large also because you as well as the guests will feel that the party is not a well-attended one because there will be a lot of empty space in the place. You should also ensure that the venue is easily accessible to all concerned.

- The foods and drinks and the decorations done at the venue should not have leanings towards a specific religious or ethnic group. This may hurt the sentiments of other groups. It is after all an office party and people who belong to all types of religions and groups may be attending it. You can simply focus on the theme of the party or if you are hosting it as a casual party, you can have the prevailing season as the theme for the party.

- If the guest-list includes your employees also, you should intimate to them in advance if they are supposed to attend alone or if they can come along with their family members. This will avoid embarrassments and also, it will help them to plan accordingly. They should also be informed whether they can come in casuals or in formal attire. If they are allowed to come in casuals, they must be strictly instructed not to wear revealing attire.

- The office party is meant for enjoyment and fun. You should ensure to have such an atmosphere and so, you must see that no guest gets over-drunk and spoil the whole ambiance. If such a behavior is allowed, it will be an embarrassing moment for you as well as for them when you meet them again the next day or in the next few days.

- If a few people are not in a position to drive on their own after the party, you should ensure to get them dropped safely at their places for which you must your contingent of drivers ready with you.

- Most importantly, you should never forget to give the parting gifts to the attendees. Employees will feel happy and these gifts will motivate them to put in more sincere efforts for the development of the company. Existing customers and prospective customers will be reminded of your company whenever they see these gifts and they will come back to you when they have requirements for your products and services.


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