Activities and Traits of A Good Leader

The three major activities of a leader are that they should think and plan strategies wisely, focus on the goals sharply and work on them consistently without wasting time. Let us delve deep into these three activities.

- For thinking and planning strategies wisely, a leader must always have the end in mind. If you want to develop leadership qualities, you should make proactive decisions. But, proactive decisions can not be made without acquiring enough knowledge about the tasks undertaken. While you try to carry out these tasks, you may come across road blocks. You should foresee them because when you analyze the steps you propose to take, you will definitely be able to know the risks involved in them.. This will help you to take suitable steps for surmounting them at the right time.

- You should learn to communicate well if you want to be an effective leader. You must be able to communicate your vision and goals to your followers. If your communication is not proper, your followers will not be able to do deliver the expected results.

- If you concentrate on smaller things, you may not have a sharp focus on your ultimate goal. Therefore, you must split your goal into smaller milestones and assign them to your team members.

- Your action plan starts with teaching your followers either by conventional methods or by setting an example. This will only put the entire team on the right track. But, you should ensure that the entire team understands the teachings and follow them to the letter and spirit.

- Once you delegate the tasks and responsibilities to your followers, you should not interfere because every one will have their own style of working. Apart from that, they should be allowed to apply their own creativity to complete the tasks assigned to them. Your followers will be inspired to a great extent if they are given such a freedom. This is a great way to groom them also as future leaders because as a leader, it is your duty to impart leadership qualities in your followers also.

- You should learn to delegate work according to the skills of your followers. Judging the skills and capacity of your team members is very important and you must have threadbare, honest and transparent discussions with them to judge their capacities and skill sets.

- Only if you have the respect of your followers, you can get things done by them. Empathy is the main tool that can get you the respect of your team members. You must put yourself in their shoes and view things. This can only get you the desired results. Coercion and autocratic type of leadership will never yield the desired results. Experts suggest that you should adopt a "carrot and stick"approach and this is a proven technique to get their respect. Your followers will look up to you for having the right solutions to their problems if they develop respect for you. You should also be decisive, sharp and easily accessible to them so as to earn their respect.

Leadership covers many other aspects also but, planning strategies, focusing on goals and taking action cover everything. If you make sincere efforts, you can acquire the required traits and become a good leader.


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